Analyst: Apple will soon have greater revenue than IBM and HP

According to analyst George Colony, who founded the Forrester Research group, Apple Inc. is “on track [to] outgrow both IBM and HP in the next two years,” John Brownlee reports for Cult of Mac.

“‘They’ll be bigger than IBM next year, and they’ll be bigger than HP the year after that,’ Colony said, citing Apple’s 52 percent sales growth last year,” Brownlee reports.

“If they keep up they’re [sic] current growth rates, they’ll soon be a $200 billion revenue company,” Brownlee reports. “That’s a lot headier a number than HP’s sales of $126 billion last year, or IBM’s sales of $99.9 billion last year, which makes them the largest tech companies by sales.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Didn’t the guy who predicted Apple to hit $1000 a share, base it upon sales of $200B?

    MDN, if you were just watching CNBC, you’d have seen Erin Burnett doing another hit piece on Apple. She was trying to prove that Apple’s “premium pricing” wasn’t justified. She had some guy who was pumping up Android to compare some $550 Toshiba laptop to the $1000 MBA. He never mentioned how thin it was, and how it wasn’t an Apples to Apple comparison, but what the hey. It’s a hit piece by Erin “I hate Apple” Burnett. At the end, she kept saying the MBA cost 3x the Toshiba, even though the comparison they showed was $1000 to $550. That chipmunk chick needs to go.

    1. F*ck Erin Burnett. There’s no point even trying to educate that moron in the advantages of Apple. I used to find her attractive but her anti-Apple rant has made me look at her in a different light.

      Haters will always be haters without rhyme or reason. Her co-anchor Mark Haines is as clueless as she is about Apple. I saw him once ask a guest commentator what good did an iPad do.

      1. You sir are wrong about Mark Haines he is a macbook user and will not use anything else he even says it on air all the time he’s just a little older and doesn’t use alot of the newer gadgets like ipod iphone ipad

  2. On market watch John Dvorak wrote this on the same topic:

    “One research firm has predicted that Apple Inc.’s market capitalization will soon make it a bigger company than IBM ”

    NOTE: J.D has confused REVENUES with MARKET CAP!
    Apple is ALREADY 100 billion bucks larger than IBM in market cap!

    And J.D is an ‘analyst’ for Marketwatch….

    No wonder aapl is so poorly valued…

  3. To beat out IBM and HP in sales, Apple would have to provide all the no-margin junk they sell to the unwary and unaware. Why would Apple bother? They already dominate the high end market. Revenue is not a meaningful metric. Losing money on every sale, but making it up in volume really never worked. Margins are meaningful.

    1. PROFIT is certainly more important, compare to revenue. The iTunes Store (including the App Store) brings in a significant amount of “revenue,” but it’s not Apple’s profit center. Its purpose is to be a value-added service that helps sell Apple hardware, which generates revenue AND profit.

      Having said that, revenue is still very “meaningful” because it signifies control. For example, the iTunes Store’s music retail business probably generates “some” profit these days through sheer volume. But even if the BILLIONS of dollars in revenue that Apple brings in through the iTunes Store produced little actual profit, that’s BILLIONS of dollars that did not go to Amazon and the others, the folks who are trying to make a profit (not just “break even”) selling digital music. If Amazon and the others made more profit selling music, Apple has no “control” over how that financial resource is used; they could use it in ways that hurt Apple’s actual profit centers.

  4. “If they keep up 52% a year” I suppose in 30 or 40 years they will also be bigger than rest of world GNP put together, doesn’t mean it will happen.

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