Analyst: Apple developing ‘smart TV’ prototype

“Apple appears to be developing a ‘smart TV’ prototype, according to Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty,” Electronista reports. “The analyst cites ‘checks in Asia,’ referring to Apple’s suppliers.”

“What Apple might be putting into the prototype is unknown; Huberty speculates, though, that a completed TV might merge ‘TV/Video content, gaming, DVR, as well as other features like apps and FaceTime into one product,'” Electronista reports.

“Huberty argues that a smart TV is “potentially the next new product category,” and could give Apple an extra $4 billion per year for every 1 percent of the TV market the company takes by 2013,” Electronista reports. “The concept has regularly been proposed by analysts, particularly Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Broadcast versus streaming is an interesting debate. Some would say that people don’t know what they want to stream unless they’ve selected the programming by watching it or hearing about it by way of broadcast.

      Most of my iTunes content is shows I began watching on broadcast, or shows that I became aware of by broadcast advertising.

  1. I’ve hoped for this to happen for sometime….let’s hope this is true.

    @ C1 Broadcast is not yesterday just yet some of us can only get dial up still! I have no access to broadband period.

  2. Hey maybe an Apple designed television will finally have a button on the set that causes my remote control to start beeping so I can find it. That’s what I’m hoping to get out of this. Oh, and revolutionizing the TV industry. That, too.

  3. Um, why would Apple be developing a TV in Asia (hence, the rumors coming from “checks in Asia”). Wouldn’t Apple be developing a top-secret, change-the-industry TV at its secure R&D facility in Cupertino?

    Nah, I’m sure I’m wrong. Steve Jobs must be using that jet of his to fly to Apple’s new R&D facility “somewhere in Asia”. That’s why he REALLY took a “medical leave”; he’s actually spending his time in Asia building the TV all by himself.

    So naturally its existence was leaked.

    This is starting to sound like the Apple-buying-Adobe rumors.

  4. I doubt if there is much profit margin left in TVs. There has been a lot of cutthroat competition in that arena. As far as integrating functionality into a TV goes, what is the point? You can augment a set of your choice with an AppleTV (or Roku, etc.) for internet content. You can also attach a Blu-ray player and a gaming console of your choice. The whole DVR issue is a tricky one both because of patents and because content providers and advertisers don’t like them.

    Eventually we might see some sort of modular TV with plug-in functionality. But I don’t see that happening for a long time because everyone is striving to protect their content and their IP.

  5. An phone from Apple? I doubt if there is much profit margin left phones. There has been a lot of cutthroat competition in that arena. As far as integrating functionality into a phone goes, what is the point? You can augment a phone of your choice with a connected PDA or even a laptop. Who’s going to pay $500 for a phone?

    >>if it were easy someone would have a TV everyone wanted already. This makes too much sense to not be true. Now start thinking about the best TV experience will look like, then get ready to be blown away. Again. You HAVE seen the future before and yes AAPL is a deal today.

    1. Perfect! You beat me to it.

      Yes, give me a TV set that has game console, music, DVR functionality, and wireless connectivity. Combine all the consoles and player/recorders now cluttering up my living room into one thin, flat screen with a set of great external speakers and one remote (I now use 6).

      BTW, did you know that you can’t get a DVR for free antenna broadcast? The cable companies have bought all the DVR companies up and locked out antenna reception in the tuner section.

  6. We can’t ignore broadcast now — we’re STILL transitioning to digital music so we’re years away from dumping broadcast.

    Tivo still has the best DVR software, although the hardware has begun to move backwards, so they desperately need Apple to buy them.

    And that’s all we need – a flat screen with built-in Tivo DVR, Apple TV, FaceTime, and Airplay. All the components are in place and already work together. It’s a complete solution, infinitely expandable with apps, interacts with all home PCs and iOS devices, and will last well into the future.

  7. Think Different, Apple.

    The only thing a modern “TV” should include is a large flat screen with one or more inputs and a power supply.

    TVs should not include a tuner, DVR or anything else. These functions change to rapidly in time and obsolete the display, which is sent to the landfill.

    All of the other other functions fit nicely into AppleTV, a tiny box that sits next to the TV (display).

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