Wall Street Journal launches $1.99 single-issue downloads within Apple iPad app

“Looking to get more subscribers for its iPad app, The Wall Street Journal will start selling single-issue digital versions of its morning paper for $1.99 in the within the existing free app,” David Kaplan reports for paidContent.

“In a conversation last week with Alisa Bowen, Dow Jones’ digital head, she described the move as part of the company’s ‘open house approach,’ designed to entice readers with a sampling of its content,” Kaplan reports. “Bowen said the move had nothing do with the New York Times’ new metered paywall, which it announced last week.”

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously not; if they followed NYT’s lead they would have tried to charge $9.99 per issue.

Kaplan continues, “Up to now, those who downloaded the free WSJ app on the iPad could receive some free content. But to get the full range of the WSJ’s updated news and features, they had to subscribe. There will still be limitations on what the readers who choose the single-issue download can receive. In essence, they’ll just get what’s in that day’s print edition. But they’ll be able invited to get the full “Now Edition” for $18 a month, which includes regular news updates.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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      1. Old media is screwing this transition up BIG time! $2 an issue is WAY too much. It’s on par with the tree->paper->print->truck->kiosk->user. $2/week maybe… it wasn’t long ago (10± years) that newspapers were $0.10 – $0.25/day. The ONLY way new media will get their volume back to what it was a decade ago will be by getting back to these prices.

        1. Some real content and good reporting would go a long way too. The WSJ has established readers that would pay up for live reporting that influences their money. The rest that report yesterdays news along with their dreams and hopes for the new world. They better start giving that crap away for free. If it isn’t paper, you can’t train the puppy or put it in the bottom of the birdcage. And no coupons if it is digital! Who wants that when they can see today on their iPads?

    1. It is the same story we had with the CD tracks vs. entire CD albums.
      With CD albums you buy a lot of crap just in order to get a few tracks that are of interest to you. That’s why Apple pioneered the buy-per-track business model. This system rewards the more valuable content.

      Same thing with news paper articles. They should be 10-20c per article, with a maximum of the “album” price of $1.99 or $0.99 or whatever. Personally I think $1.99 is too much for an entry price (they think of it as a “teaser” price, but they are wrong).
      Or what about 20c/article up to $0.99, and 10c/article for any excess article.

  1. In Canada I pay less than $12 and get almost every broadsheet newspaper in Canada, except 2 obnoxious left wing rags from The Center of the Universe, delivered to my computer every morning.

    For my American friends, The Center of the Universe is Toronto, Ontario, Canada, just ask the bastards that live there.

  2. At last a paper that gets it. To give the reader a chance to buy a single issue just like you pick one up at the kiosk. $2.29 in paper and $ 1.99 electronically.
    A good deal if you ask me.

  3. If the media co.’s go out of business it will be their own fault. Soon there will be over 250 million mobile users. They have no paper cost, no print cost and little distribution cost with digital media. They could clean up for 2.50 a week plus IAds in their model.

  4. Today I subscribed to WSJ for a month via iPad app. $18 for a month, so give or take $0.7 per issue (there is one issue for the weekend). Not bad, at least they have subscription. Still, digital versions of newspapers and magazine will probably get cheaper over next few years.

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