Apple considers licensing AirPlay for streaming video to CE makers

“Apple Inc. is weighing an expansion of its AirPlay audio service to include streaming video from an iPhone or iPad to television sets, according to two people familiar with the project,” Cliff Edwards and Adam Satariano report for Bloomberg.

“Under the plan, Apple would license its AirPlay software to consumer-electronics makers that could use it in devices for streaming movies, TV shows and other video content, said the people, who asked to remain anonymous because the plans haven’t been made public,” Edwards and Satariano report. “Apple now only licenses AirPlay for streaming audio. Devices that could be used for video may be available this year, one of the people said.”

“An expanded AirPlay would let users stream programming wirelessly from an Apple mobile device to a TV that carries the technology. That may spur wider use of Apple’s services and devices in consumers’ living rooms,” Edwards and Satariano report. “Apple and electronics makers may both benefit from expanding video capabilities beyond Apple TV. Streaming video from Apple mobile devices to TVs and other products may reinforce the use of iPads and iPhones to download more video sold through Apple’s iTunes Store, while also enticing consumers to buy new home-theater gear.”

Edwards and Satariano report, “Apple doesn’t typically license its software to other manufacturers, though it has made an exception with AirPlay for audio. Apple licenses the technology to electronics companies including Pioneer Corp. and D&M Holdings Inc., which use the technology to stream music to speakers and receivers. Companies pay Apple $4 for each device sold that carries AirPlay, according to two people who are familiar with the arrangements, though not authorized to speak about them. Those licensing agreements prevent video from being streamed, even though the technology is there to do it, one person said.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “Travis L.” for the heads up.]


    1. Guess what – until there are faster delivery systems for internet content than cable – cable isn’t going anywhere.

      Cable blows the top level ATT DSL consumer offering out of the water.

  1. Hmm, I thought this was a done deal, didn’t realize it was only for audio. Seems like Apple can only win by cheaply licensing this technology.

    Although if it were broadly implemented, why would anyone need to buy an AppleTV?

  2. Well if EVERYONE is doing it, then, yes it may hurt AppleTV..

    but think of the revenue from all those licensees?
    And CE Manufacturers FINALLY using a Best of Breed technology for eveyone!

    I sure wish this was the way Quicktime went… Everyone sees how good it is, then everyone adopts it.

    *(Whew — makes me glad to see MOnkey boy and co. are not “leading” the way on this!)

  3. Some AirPlay Speakers would be great. There was a lot of huff and puff back in October about products coming to market, but LITTLE has happened after six months of waiting. VERY frustrating!

  4. I’d have to assume you could also stream video/audio from any iTunes equipped Mac (or maybe even PC.) The one thing that would be nice would be a mirroring capability wirelessly for a laptop… sometimes there are those files that just don’t fit neatly into the iPhoto construct, and running a slideshow from Lightroom 3 on the big screen without converting it to a video would be nice.

    I don’t know if the streaming bandwidth would be fast enough to do this, but I hate the damn video cable crap…

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