Foxconn may open Apple manufacturing plant in Brazil

“According to Redebomdia of Brazil, Foxconn is preparing to open up a new manufacturing plant in Jundiai – a city in Sao Palo, Brazil – for the construction of Apple products,” Mark Gurman reports for 9 to 5 Mac.

“Foxconn currently houses plants for HP and Sony in Jundiai and is preparing to open a third manufacturing line in 2013 after receiving millions of dollars of investments,” Gurman reports. “In November 2010 Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista said he will pay 1.6 billion dollars to open up an Apple manufacturing plant in Brazil. Although this is unrelated to Foxconn opening up an Apple plant in Brazil, it does demonstrate that Apple may have been pushed to open plants out of China.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Oh. My. God. (I’m an atheist, so this is pretty extreme for me)

    Jundiai… is MY HOME CITY!

    Please make this true!!!! Then I won’t have to pay $3500 for a $2000 iMac… and would make me even more proud of Jundiai ^^

  2. It is about time I agree. Brazil’s outdated import laws have hurt it’s ability to grow with markets for a long time. The ridiculous prices Apple is forced to sell it’s products for – to make a profit – is an exact reflection of what digital camera companies were going through 10 years ago. They then slowly began taking advantage of key free trade zone fiscal policy programs and started to assemble their cameras in Brazil. The consumer market for Apple products will grow once Apple’s Latin America executives have the capability to sell the idea that yes, indeed to succeed in Brazil you must do things differently – all the way to Steve. Then, with the brand they have, and a consumer price their brand fanbase can afford, just sit back and watch their apples ripen. Best of luck Apple Latin America.

    1. 60% import tax is a hell of a good reason. Was in Brazil recently, someone sent me a DVD and stupidly put a value of $10 on the package, it cost me 50R$ to get it out of FDX.

  3. Brazil is the worst darn place to do business. People there don’t pay their bills. We have contracts with Petrobras that take over a year to get paid!!!

    I’ll be shocked if it’s brazil, and if it is, then there must be some significant relief being granted from the archaic business tax laws, and if that’s true, the US Govt. should use this as a lever to get Brazil to clean up it’s import / export policies.

  4. Much as I applaud all businesses getting the HELL out of Red China, I have to agree with @Chas and similar comments. The work ethic in Asia in general ingrained in the culture. The work ethic in Latin America in general is reflected in their general reputation for ingenuity and productivity. Which is to say that in general it is diametrically opposed to the Asian work ethic, which bodes poorly for Apple.

    Here in the USA we witness the trade deal we made with Mexico. There have been some good benefits. But what gets more attention is the fact that Mexico is suffering from a civil war between the government and the drug trade. Not productive. What I’m seeing stated about Brazil’s productivity reputation doesn’t sound very promising either. Bleh. I wish it were otherwise. I like Brazilians!

  5. Really? Nobody is frustrated that this announcement isn’t for a new plant in NC, or GA, or LA? Or even in Silicon Valley where they USED to make macs? What a PR coupe Apple could have by being the ONLY electronics company to open new manufacturing in the US in 20 years! They have the profit margins to easily absorb the increased labor costs, we wouldn’t be supporting as much human rights violations and actually add real jobs in this country. With the rising costs of fuel to be fairly permanent now, the short term advantage of near-slave labor is no longer true. Even though I’m a converted mac guy as of 2002, it’s still embarrassing that my hardware says “designed by Apple in California”, but NOT “made in the USA”.

    1. @ dbcoyle

      although apple is not opening a manufacturing plant in the U.S it is rumored that Apple is going into a chip deal with Samsung with Samsung opening a plant in Texas to make chips for Apple.

      ewandoo: “Specifically to supply Apple, Samsung will build even in the U.S. state of Texas a 3.6 billion dollar chip factory”

      1. I hope that’s true. That’s good news. My negative Nancy attitude still makes me ask, “Why does it take a Korean conglomerate to ramp up production in the states, but most Amercan companies (except Intel) are still leaving in droves. I know it goes much deeper with tax breaks, environmental regs (which are needed), etc… But my original point stands: If there was ONE consumer electronics company with enough profit margin and volume its product line to “afford” and gain from manufacturing in the states (even a token factory making the highest end PowerMacs) it would be Apple. Plus, they’re out in front with their “responsible global behavior” with their clean products, highly recyclable components, and reduction of toxic chemicals. This would be yet another area of their business that they could clearly lead in, AND be good for everyone. Other’s would have to follow suit and try to build in the US again as well. At least Dell held out as long as possible with their assembly factories in TX. (Are any still in operation?)

  6. The Brazilian people are hardworking and eager to grow.
    We are experiencing a new economic geography in our world and this country should be highlighted from now on.
    Brazilians Welcome to the future.

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