Apple’s revolutionary iPad 2 dominates the market; far and away the tablet of choice

“Despite the veritable onslaught of competitors with deep pockets and aggressive countermarketing campaigns, the iPad remains the tablet of choice,” Laura DiDio writes for The E-Commerce Times.

“It far outpaces rivals with close to 20 million units sold and an estimated 65 percent market share,” DiDio writes. “Apple is as dominant in the tablet market as Usain Bolt was in the 100- and 200- meter relay race in the 2008 Olympics or as Secretariat was in winning the 1973 Belmont Stakes.”

DiDio writes, “That brings us to the inevitable question: Since users have an ever-increasing array of tablets from which to choose, will any, some or all of them defect from Apple’s iPad in substantial numbers? The answer, at least in the short term, appears to be a resounding ‘No.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Smitty” for the heads up.]


    1. Exactly. There have been media people – mainly Brit from what I have seen, especially the BBC – who claim that the iPad’s share of the tablet market has fallen from far north of 90% to the 60-70% range. Where do they come up with these figures? I’ve not read of any other competing tablet having such a surge of sales. I suspect they are taking some flaky projections – based on some past trends in new products/common sense thing – and putting them out as the gospel truth. Does anyone have concrete sales figures to back this up? I suspect not.

      1. Exactly! and the will count all of the shiteous, destined for the wire bin at the Outlet for 40 dollars.

        Every little wee thing that is sold on the end-cap at the office max is going to get counted – what else is new?

        They’ve been counting any and all stupid android free phones from a dozen different manufacturers and bundling them together and calling it “the competition”. Sounds like the same fu$ks that set us up with mortgage derivatives!

  1. Like throwing Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in the ring with Steve Jobs- both are out-classed, knuckle dragging and flummoxed.

    Now compare the iPad 2 to the other Bill Gates / Steve Ballmers’ products of the world. Yikes, it must be like Close Encounters to them!

  2. I suspect they’re just throwing out a low-ball number because they can’t bring themselves to admit that Apple *owns* this product category. Either that or they’re making up some category of “not traditional computers” that includes both iPads and net-books.

  3. The iPad 2 white owns the other 34% of the market I guess.

    (I left 1% leeway for the mentally handicapped people who bought a Xoom, and then didn’t properly return it in time to get a refund.)

  4. You guys just don’t get it… these day when news have to be published instantly, they simply regurgitate whatever is put out on the wires by the Ass Press, Reuters, read in some blogs or else just make shit up.

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