Report: Apple to open select Retail Stores early on Tuesday for iPad sales

“We’ve received reports this morning that Apple will be opening Retail Stores one hour early tomorrow for iPad sales,” AppleBitch reports.

“While no official announcement has been forthcoming from Apple, anecdotal reports from shoppers across the country trying get an iPad 2 this morning, say they were told by retail staff that even if the Apple Stores were re-stocked today, the iPad 2 would not be sold until tomorrow and for this reason, the Stores would open early for dedicated iPad 2 sales,” AppleBitch reports. “We have confirmed this with three retail stores.”

In a later update, AppleBitch reports, “One of the stores that we spoke to earlier has changed their tune a little and are now saying they don’t know if they’ll receive a shipment today. However, the other two are still opening early.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Hasn’t Apple sold out its entire iPad 2 inventory? Opening the stores an hour earlier will somehow magically deliver inventory into the stores how?

  2. I can confirm this also. I was told this by an Apple employee while standing in line this morning. I asked the guy, “At 9am?” just to double-confirm…..and he replied with the same answer.

  3. this is a hoax to get fools desperate for an ipad 2 (like, for example, me) to queue up at an ungodly hour at apple retail stores across the country. it’ll be pretty funny if people form long lines and there’s no early-opening and ipads, just weeping and moaning. see you line.

  4. SF store near Union Square said as much yesterday afternoon. I was in a meeting this morning, so I went over at noon. They say the last person to score an iPad 2 today got in line before 6am.

    They’ll “get some more tomorrow,” he said. “Be in line before 6 and you have a good chance.”

  5. our store had 20+ in line at 7AM. Store had 7 ipads to sell. SOld them to first 7 people at 8AM. No more today, maybe tomorrow. The the wrong message from corporate to customers. Yes open for iPad sales at 9 (yes) – May be none available (not heard by customers or not told).

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