Howard Stern: ‘I’m totally fscking into Apple; I love it, I love it, I love it!’

“I’m totally fscking into Apple,” Howard Stern announced on his Sirius XM program this morning.

“Listen, I’m not doing a commercial here,” Stern stated. “I love it, I love it, I love it…. I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago!”

Stern then advised his sidekick Robin Quivers to dump all of her PC crap and get over to the Apple Store immediately. Stern explains how he uses iChat to talk to Jimmy Kimmmel and others.

“I love my iPad 2, too,” Stern reported.

Stern is also going to dump his Android phone and get an Apple iPhone with a “Bluetooh keyboard” as he feels he needs physical keys. (He’ll learn otherwise.)

Stern said of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, “This guy is a genius, Robin. A genius!”

“Right, Fred?” Stern asked studio-mate Fred Norris. “You’re an Apple guy right?” Norris replied, “Yes, I’m an Apple man all the way… Windows PC stuff, throw it out the window.”

Stern said, “I was duped [by Bill Gates]. PC my ass, I’m an Apple guy now… I love it, I love it!”

Stern then advised Quivers to sit tight on her long-planned move from BlackBerry to Android phone while he explores the Apple iPhone 4 possibilities. “Sit tight, I’ll advise you once I check it out,” said Stern.

Stern seems particularly enamored with Apple iChat, going into a lengthy discussion about how it works and his new iPad 2 which he described simply as “Fscking amazing!”

MacDailyNews Take: Good job to whoever finally managed to slip Stern the red pill! What’s happening right now to Stern has happened to millions of people upon upgrading to Apple products, but to hear The Awakening unfold live is a wonderful thing. It may not have been a commercial, but it might as well have been (multiplied by at least a thousand), as publicity like this just cannot be bought. Stern’s influence will result in even more Mac, iPad, and iPhone sales for Apple.

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  1. People may like/dislike him (I love his show) but he has an incredibly loyal audience (millions of listeners/day) that buy into whatever he’s into.
    As an aside, any Sirius XM subscribers should check out GEEKTIME! Radio on Saturdays at 2. They talk about tech stuff, comics, movies.. nerd/geek stuff. Might be one of the best produced geek/tech shows out there.

  2. He mentioned the keyboard is all that’s keeping him from an iPhone. A couple of people on the show tried to tell him he won’t need it but he sounded hesitent. Hopefully he’ll make the switch to that as well. It sucked when he bought the droid.

    Shameless self-promotion? Any Stern and Apple fans? Follow me @tweetbeaver for a live run-down of the show as it happens.

  3. Like I wrote in another post earlier today, a recent switcher to iPhone 4 just bought an iPad 2 and is now wanting a MBP.

    Moving to Apple is like having the sun rise for the first time in a lifetime.

  4. I don’t think it’s much of an endorsement. The sort of people who listen to Howard Stern are more likely to drive their Ford trucks down to the local Wal-Mart for a PC, since they’re going there for Stella & Cheeze Whiz anyway.

    1. Is there something wrong with a Ford truck and Wal-Mart? Admittedly, Wal-Mart is not my preference, but many people go there and save money by doing so. And Ford trucks? What’s more American than that? Get off the high-horse.

      1. nothing wrong with ford trucks. this snob is emphasizing “truck”. In his world, people only drive BMW or Mercedes, and wouldnt be caught dead in a truck or shopping in a walmart

        guy is total scum

        1. I am well aware of the issues Wal-Mart has. I am from one of those rural communities affected by Wal-Mart (hence why it’s not my preference). But Americans want low prices. When push comes to shove, they’ll choose lower prices over community preservation every time. I don’t blame them for that, and I don’t blame Wal-Mart for catering to it.

          And with the bad comes the good: They employ more people than any other company in the world. They’re good to the handicapped and the elderly. They provide unskilled workers with access to decent health coverage and other benefits. They allow families to save more money, or to have more money to spend on entertainment and other activities. They are a leader in going green by forcing manufacturers to reduce packaging, innovating the supply chain, and offering reusable shopping bags for only 50 cents.

          I don’t like Wal-Mart, but they are not wholly bad, so don’t blind yourself into thinking they are.

          1. Actually (unfortunately), you’re right. Walmart is not wholly bad. It’s just a corporation; the people who run it are the responsible ones. The unwelcome side effects of their business model is very problematic. But you are exceedingly right that, for most Americans — and especially for Bubba — their ethics don’t get past their checkbooks. Sigh.

        2. Kind of like Apple did to Nokia, all of the MP3 manufacturers, Streaming Radio operators, Microsoft Zune Team, Windows Mobile Team, Palm ah you get the point. DOn’t have Wal-Mart because they know how to run a business

      1. The US (and the world) could use some “McSame/Palin” right about now.

        If you haven’t noticed, even some democrats have finally figured out that Obama is a total dud. His poll numbers are in the toilet.

        Next time, let’s elect someone with a grasp of sound fiscal concepts and who possesses the ability to implement them, okay?

        1. Obama might not have a magic wand to wave and make all the troubles go away (why people think this was going to happen is beyond me), but had McCain been elected we would be in even worse shape than we are now. McCain had no true position on the economy and no real advisors in his pocket to deal with it and Palin was/is a disaster.

          Of course none of this has anything to do with Stern going Mac. Good publicity either way, maybe it can help educate more of the masses.

        2. “Next time, let’s elect someone with a grasp of sound fiscal concepts and who possesses the ability to implement them, okay?”

          Well shit, that rules out all politicians.

    2. Ford Trucks-I currently own a Toyota, Honda and a Ford and the biggest difference between them would be fit and finish…FORD is a very distant 3rd…very distant. Ford quality is terrible.

    3. Dude the rich and powerful listen to stern, check out his followers on twitter. He is another person who just wants his computer to work. good pr for apple

    4. Actually, lots of bright, professional people also listen to Stern. Our office used to have his show on every morning until he left to Sirius.
      The first couple times I heard him on the radio, before I started in our office, I only heard a few minutes and thought he was a jackass. After I began listening to him regularly I found him to be generally smart and funny, if coarse and scatalogically-inclined.

  5. Want to know how to get this board really hopping?!

    First this…

    From Observer’s post… “People may like/dislike him (I love his show) but he has an incredibly loyal audience (millions of listeners/day) that buy into whatever he’s into.”

    Now this…

    That’s nothing… Rush Limbaugh gives Apple products free endorsements all the time… Has been for years, without being profane and you don’t need to pay some satellite company big bucks to hear that endorsement! Rush’s 20 million listeners are pretty astute when it comes to choosing the same brands Rush does. Why? Because… ‘You know he’s right!’…

    Now watch this… (a hopping board)…

    1. Rush Limbaugh is a pos republican that lies and spreads hate. More importantly….. blah blah blah haha 🙂 No, I’m just kidding. Everyone has preferences right? I would hate for someone to make an assumption about me based on what I listen to (and vice versa).
      You’re right though, a lot of people react strongly with polarizing individuals like Rush or Howard.

      1. I believe “Observer” is a pos rectal orifice. And he probably voted for the current POS in the WH who is currently 1) keeping Guantenamo open, 2) trying terrorists in military tribunals, 3) continuing the Bush policy in Iraq and Afganistran, 4) just “re-upped” the Bush Patriot act, 4) just re-upped the evil Bush tax cuts, 5) and generally does zero work, golfs every day, parties at night, while destroying the private economy. Observer – take your POS commentary and put it where the Dr. can find it during your next colonoscopy. Have a good day!

    2. Yeah,
      Rush Limabaugh is great….he spouts off hatred about everyone but his own clique. He is an oxycontin addict who should have gone to jail for getting prescription drugs illegally ( just like all the minorities he says should go to jail or deported for doing illegal activities).
      He is a big time loser and purveyor of hatred and division

        1. Sorry, if you LISTEN you actually will hear hatred. You are just conditioned to agree so you dont hear it as hatred.

          A lot of people can’t functionally grasp cognitive dissonance, but when we hear things from people we ordinarily agree with we are more inclined to accept it. For Rush to declaim welfare programs and people on them as freeloaders and then when a caller tells him he was injured and received welfare Rush says “I wasn’t talking about you”… ok Rush but the “drunks” who supposedly are the ones he WAS talking about are such a tiny number as to be almost insignificant. Most people on welfare or other programs just need a hand. Like his listener.

          1. “Most people on welfare or other programs just need a hand.”

            You mean, like the large amount of them that I see in my restaurant, with their nine kids, ordering “t-bone and egg, busted with cheese” every first week of the month. So, not only do we have to wait on them and prepare their meals, we also have to PAY for them, and our servers get the pleasure of having their asses run around taking care of them, just to get stiffed.

            They don’t need a hand. They need a JOB.

        2. Uh, like when Limpbaugh made “jokes” about Chelsea Clinton being the Clinton “family dog.”

          Yeah, that was an empathetic way to refer to a person going through adolescence.

        3. they don’t actually “listen”, that would require effort. Much easier to be willfully ignorant. “Oh yeah, well, I heard George Clooney the other day said something bad about Limbaugh, so I don’t want to listen to him.”

    3. Do you abuse the same brand of prescription drugs that Rush abuses?

      I wonder if you use the same law firm for all three of your divorces? You know, while protecting the sanctity of marriage for all of us.

  6. So who has more influence for Apple, Limbaugh or Stern?

    I’m gonna go with Limbaugh. He has a much wider audience, and you don’t need a satellite radio subscription to hear it.

  7. Nice that Stern has switched and is telling people to do so. As for Stern himself, I agree….Mr. Pee-pee Poo-poo has very little talent other than shock talking. Hey, if that is what people like…all the more power to them.

  8. Bought my first Mac in 1987. Over the years so perplexed that anyone would ever use whatever the competition offered. Having to also learn pc shit, wondering how do they put up with this. Despite all their misinformed mythology about Apple, I did manage to convert some. Amusing to see the rest of the world finally discover what long-time users know: even at it’s lowest point, Apple computers, software, and now all the devices, have always been superior.

  9. Howard who? It toke him long enough to get into Apple.
    Only in America does an idiot who take about sex and porn on the radio become famous thanks to FCC censorship. What ever happen to free speech, even on the air wave. Thanks to the bible thumpers that run he government does this man became rich and infamous. Personally I find Howard Stern very boring and nothing about him shock me.

    1. Trying to have some civility, for knowing that some things are better left said in private or among friends and protecting the innocence of children is not Bible thumping, it’s just decency.

      Stern is where he belongs, on something that must be paid to receive. It’s the same reason HBO can use every word known to man on their shows, and have hardcore sex scenes. But I’m guessing you’d have no problem with HBO shows on broadcast television?

    2. “Bible thumpers” is your hate speech for those who have an once of decency and clear notions of right and wrong that you don’t agree with.
      For example, PC BAD, MAC GOOD.
      Try proof reading your post, nightfly. It helps your credibility.

    3. I suppose a large part of what makes Howard Stern famous is that his language is considered profane in the context of modern American society. But you lost me at supposed free speech violation, “bible thumpers”, and why anyone else should care if this radio show is stimulating to you.

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