A big fat thanks to Gene ‘Don’t Expect Long iPad 2 Lines’ Munster

“Earlier this week we prominently posted that we would be brining you our Apple iPad 2 vs Motorola Xoom with side-by-side testing report,” Mark Reschke reports for T-GAAP. “Unfortunately, we Three Guys and a Podcast took a bit of advice from our ‘good friend’ Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray.”

“The advice he gave all of us? Gene explained we shouldn’t expect any long lines for the iPad 2, as it was available at many retailers verses last year,” Reschke reports. “Perhaps Gene missed the fact that the original iPad was available for pre-order, while iPad 2 was available for pre-order for less than 24 hours before retail launch.”

MacDailyNews Take: By the time Gene’s done, crows are going to be an endangered species.

Reschke continues, “We took Gene’s advice with a grain of salt, but the result was we were three people away from securing an iPad 2 — yeah three people away — before we were told our Apple Store was sold-out. Our line was close to 400 people.”

More in the full article, including a video of the Apple Store line that T-GAAP was in, here.

MacDailyNews Take: The urge to type “told you so” is strong, but we shall refrain.

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  1. I learned many years ago that if you want to know what’s going to happen with Apple, you just need to read MacDailyNews each day. MDN is almost always spot on because Apple is all they do – they live it and breathe it – no distractions.

    Simply reading the MDN Takes has made me a lot more money than any “professional” Wall Street analyst ever did or could.

    1. Fail
      Nice try.
      Be happy to have to send ur tab back to Moto for the 4G upgrade for a network that’s scantily supported, buy which time it is then that 4G is old gen.
      And besides performance wise… IPad beats it. If ur chasing that stuff…

  2. The best thing about the article is the blurb about not being able to get their XOOM connected to wifi after 4 hours of playing with it. No wonder why those things only come in 3G as of now.

    1. The point was NOT to ‘blame’ Gene. It was to SHAME Gene. His FUD was reminiscent of the BS We-The-Fanboys had to endure from TechTard journalists for years. Shaming FUD mongerers of all shames and sizes is a good thing. If I wrote the article Gene pulled out of his backside, I’d expect the same response.

  3. Hey…I’ll say “I told you so”. I posted it the other day. Gene is a moron if he can’t see a big wave like this coming. Perhaps, time for him to look for a different career. Shessh.

    My post from the other day: “Delusion runs deep here. There will be lines! Behind the release of this item is a lot of pent-up energy. There will be lines!”

    1. Gene Munster is a good Apple analyst. He understands and knows the company very well.

      He ered on the side of caution and probably tried to diffuse high expectations by being conservative and rationalizing the reasons there MIGHT be for lesser lines for iPad 2.

      Unfortunately in today’s shouting climate, no one reads into or considers anything but the absolute and the extreme… Gene Munster would have done better by emphasising that lines MIGHT be smaller because of the factors he named.

      Even the best players fumble the ball at times – only idiots conclude that they are bad players because of this and only bigger idiots resort to absolute unforgiving conclusions, based on few facts. STFU already.

  4. I agre with breeze .Munster is a good analyst and way better than most . I was wondering about what he said (and didn’t agree with it ) but I don’t know what the context was. At any rate I would never use the advice of a financial analyst guide my buying strategies

  5. Uh, do you guys not read 9to5mac at all? Only the apple stores had long lines, people didn’t think to go to WalMart or Best Buy. Reports showed that there were walmarts which had iPad 2 available and an hour+ after launch, nobody’d asked about them (they were on display!)

    1. Problem is.. If you wanted a particular model, say 64 GB black 3G on at&t and you head to walmart where they do have iPad 2’s in stock, you find out they are 16/32 gb wifi models.

      So you are saying to “settle” for less just to have one?
      I ordered my iPad 2, if apple were to call/email me and say they will now sell me the lower end model and refund me the difference, just so I could have it Monday… Sorry I’ll wait a week to have the model I wanted.

  6. MacDailyNews, do you have no clue? Do you not realize that the whole game on Wall Street is to exceed expectations? When analysts set low expectations they are actually helping the company, not hurting it, because when expectations are exceeded, investors are happy. That’s why good companies like Apple give conservative projections. On the other hand, you always try to set high expectations, which just shows that you don’t know how this game is played. Relax, conservative analysts are your friends, not your enemies.

      1. I don’t buy it. Munster is one of Apple’s most consistent cheerleaders. He is not always right, for example, predicting that Apple would come out with their own flat panel television. But he is not a FUD’er. That would be Dvorak, Enderle, Turd-rot and others.

        1. You’re right. I am shamed. 🙁

          But I do stick by my post below where I suggested he do his homework next time. His article had a very high cluelessness factor. Either that or it’s more of the same old stock manipulation BS we’re used to.

          In any case, he could not have been proven more wrong. iPad 2 is now out of stock at most stores and delayed for online order shipment. The thing is a MASSIVE hit. An Apple newbie friend showed me his today and he is already ‘in love with’ it. I want one.

  7. It is always gratifying when a TechTard journalist is tarred and feathered in public. 😆

    Hey Gene: Next time do your homework before indulging your desire to spew FUD at Apple. It might save your job.

  8. How I approach ANALists advice…

    Ignore it, they know as much as anyone else.

    They are not experts or have special connections at apple who have insider knowledge.

    And judging by Gene’s comments HE KNOWS FSCK ALL ABOUT RETAIL!

  9. Most of the posters here don’t seem to have a clue who Gene Munster is. He’s actually one of Apple’s biggest fans on Wall Street. I’ve seen financial shows where GM has smacked down quite a few anti-Apple pundits, including Rob “the Knob” Enderle. That’s why I find the MDN Take and most of the comments here unfair.

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