PC Mag reviews Apple iPad 2: The tablet to get; Editors’ Choice

“As cocky as it may seem, when Steve Jobs boasts that most of the new 2011 tablets are no match for the original Apple iPad, he has a point,” Tim Gideon reports for PC Magazine.

“The iPad 2 is thinner than the original iPad, with a faster processor, dual cameras, and FaceTime video chat. Apple also drummed up some excellent new accessories and apps, like the innovative Smart Cover and the endlessly fun, yet affordable GarageBand music app,” Gideon reports. “Android lovers and Apple haters can argue that there are quality non-Apple tablets out there, and, like Jobs, they have a point. But these other tablets are few, and right now, none of them rival the iPad 2, which easily wins our Editors’ Choice for tablets.”

MacDailyNews Take: Android lovers and Apple haters. People who prefer derivative products dedicated to mimicking Apple rather than the real thing and people who hate the one tech company that really drives innovation, pushes the state-of-the-art forward, and actually changes the world. Makes a lot of sense, huh?

Gideon continues, “Overall, the Apple iPad 2 is the best tablet you can buy right now, so it’s our Editors’ Choice… Even without the advantage of far more apps, the iPad 2 simply provides a better user experience and operates more gracefully and seamlessly with your media than Android devices… If you’re in the market for a new device now, and have no loyalty to a specific manufacturer or operating system, the iPad 2 is the tablet to get.”

Read more in the full review here.

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    1. Yes I can’t wait for CR’s review. Probably will go something like this.

      “There is a huge design flaw in the new iPad 2. We found through intensive testing that it is impossible to see the screen if a user put his/her hand on it. Apple should have designed the unit more carefully to eliminate issues such as these. As a result CR cannot recommend this product.”

  1. My colleage at work just bought a nook, and he was all excited when he came in yesterday and said he figured out a way to load android on it. Totally anti-apple kind of guy. I just looked up to him with pity while I was browsing with my iPad.

    1. I agree, flash is a dead platform.

      What makes me laugh is flash was never designed for website creation and yet trendy agencies use it to create websites.

      It’s a pain in the ass to update, incredibly processor hungry and it crashes and slows things down.

      Steve jobs made the right choice and the sooner these idiots accept that the better.

      Flash should be added to the list of obsolete technology alongside the floppy disc and windows OS and Microsoft Office.

      1. Flash is no more “processor hungry” than an app or HTML5 for those websites.

        Steve Jobs made that choice because it’s best for Apple’s bottomline. It has nothing to do with doing users a favor.

        I know you’re a fanboi based on your comments, so I’m not going to sway you, but keep throwing your cash at Steve. His company and my shares of CRapple stock appreciate your naivety.

        1. Flame bait. Sure.
          How come when my kids hit a site that has Flash on it, I know without even turning around?
          I hear the processor fans ramp up to high speed.

        2. Really? Because there is a lot of information out there that points to flash being really bad.. Uses battery, and processor and is just over all no good.

  2. I have an original iPad AND an Android phone. There is no reason that I have to have an iPhone just because I have an iPad and a Mac. Android rocks for the phone platform, and iPad (iOS) rocks on the tablet format.

    That being said, I agree that the iPad 2 is the tablet to get. I’m not going to replace my iPad until next year, but I’d never get something like the Motorola Xoom. The software has many problems, from what I’ve read.

    Long live iPad!

    1. Drew,
      On your phone what type of email setup do you use?
      I have to support 2 users with Droid X and the IMAP implementation of that in Android has bugs in it.
      It will not sync the Sent or Trash folders.
      The Inbox is fine.
      POP mail is a no go with these users. Must use IMAP.


      1. Think,

        I have an HTC Inspire 4G. I use the Gmail app with my Gmail account. I’d recommend a 3rd party email app for Android, like Enhanced Mail, or K-9 Mail. You are correct, the built in email app does have bugs. The problem you are having may be because of folder subscription problem on the server side, or a permissions problem. I’d check there.

        1. I knew of the Android IMAP limitation. Was just curious on what Drew did to get around it. Installed another email App. That is priceless.
          Gotta love Google. They have known of this bug for months. Still no fix in sight.

          As to me, I recommend iPhone for a smartphone for everyone if possible. If ya don’t need a smartphone, then get a good reliable basic phone.

  3. This is the thing I don’t get: Most of these reviews talk about flash like “Flash is perfect and totally ready to go — Apple could flip a switch and it would be awesome! Adobe’s been waiting for Apple’s OK, but that damn Apple just won’t give it, completely out of spite and control-freakiness!”

    Where’s the “Adobe hasn’t been able to produce flash on a tablet that works well, or at ALL. Even if apple wanted it, it would almost certainly SUCK. Even if Apple wanted it, flash is nowhere NEAR ready.”

    Instead it’s always some flavor of “apple the control freak.”

    These reviewers are supposed to be smart and informed!

    1. I love guys like you that think you’re “smart and informed.”

      I’ve used Flash on smartphones, it works really well. It’s ready, it’s been ready for years, but Steve made it hard on Macs too until March of last year. There was a reason Flash sucked on Macs until March: Apple blocked all 3rd party access to hardware acceleration APIs. It was the same reason Steam build a Mac portal until last year.

      This has everything to do with Apple, but Apple won’t ever flip that switch. To do so would mean Steve loses more control of how you get your content. He won’t allow that because where Apple really wants to make their money is on content sales. Content sales have better margins than the hardware, and far less risk.

      1. No, he’s right. Apple totally blocked all 3rd party access to OpenGL until March.

        …Question. Am I the only person who realizes Makingfunofyou is pulling an epic Zune Tang here?

      1. Correct. Google stole the codebase from Java back in ’05, a full two years before Apple announced the iPhone.

        What’s that ? Apple ANNOUNCED the iPhone in ’07, so how long was it in development BEFORE ’07?! here’s a hint: watch Steve Jobs interview at last years D8 conference. The podcast can be found at iTunes.

      2. You really need to be more polite, man. Seriously, is there a reason why you must be aggressively offensive here?

        And to correct you, while technically you may be correct (android, in its first incarnation, did first appear as a concept in 2003), but it is obvious to everyone what MacDaddy meant; had there not been for the iPhone, Android would have never become a (multi)touch OS. After iPhone first emerged, Android was practically scrapped and re-built from the ground up. When people say ‘Android’, they mean Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo or Gingerbread. Not some obscure Google Lab project.

      3. And “iPhone” (and its OS) probably existed for at least two years (maybe longer) before it was actually announced January 2007; iPhone didn’t just materialize out of thin air during the Macworld keynote. Apple keeps secrets for competitive advantage; Google doesn’t…

  4. Flash is not good to go for anything period. See the Doomed tablet not shipping with Flash enabled on the get go. Despite heavy bragging about it having TRASH I mean FLASH.

    1. The fact that you are blind to the reason why Flash won’t ever be on an idevice is the funniest thing about your comment. Flash places no more stress on battery or processor than does an app or HTML5 friendly sites.

      The reason Stevie won’t ever put it on an idevices is because he loses a little more control of your content management. If you can get TV, movies, and music for free via Flash based sites, he loses the ability to sell you that content via nub-tunes.

      1. You are hysterical. I work for a Fortune 200 company as an Operations manager and work very closely with our LAN/IT group. They are constantly issuing bulletins not to update Flash due to all the freaking bugs it has.

        So if you’re all bent about Apple not allowing you to see some stupid Flash ad with a dancing chick telling you can lower your mortgage payments, then I guess that tells us what kind of person you are.

        Oh…and by the way…want Flash on iOS? There’s an app for that.

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