Analyst: Google’s Android Honeycomb tablet OS has little chance of mass adoption

“Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research ripped into Google’s Honeycomb tablet software in a note Wednesday, arguing Honeycomb is ‘by the geeks, for the geeks, and of the geeks,’ and has little chance of mass adoption,” Brian Caulfield reports for Forbes.

“Among Chowdhry’s gripes: the Honeycomb-powered Motorola Xoom tablet suffers from freezes and crashes, battery life is inconsistent, battery standby time is only 10 to 12 hours compared to 30 days for the iPad, and auto-wrap of text on the tablet’s screen doesn’t work correctly,” Caulfield reports. “The analyst blamed Google’s roots as a web company for the problems. Online services such as Gmail and Google Voice ‘worked well as long as these products are free,’ Chowdry wrote. When users pay roughly $800 for a device, however, ‘the consumer is unforgiving.'”

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  1. I don’t agree. Look at Android iOS copy cat. Its winning already and soon will have 80% of the market. Googles evil trickery of copying iOS and giving it away for free is so blatantly evil that they should be labeled the new Microsoft!

      1. Android for phones has proliferated because of price and the iPhone’s carrier exclusivity. No such advantages on tablets. That’s why Honeycomb is DOA.

        1. Android for phones has also done well because of the distribution network offered by the cell companies.

          The carriers are not going to sell WiFi only tablets, or any product that doesn’t lead to data revenue for them.

          Apple has a few hundred stores around the world, and has built out online distribution and big box partners that far exceeds even the iPhone’s distribution.

    1. No, there are a few important things you fail to grasp here.
      First off the only entity to truly make any money will be Google through all the metrics they`ve collected. The makers of these Android tablets will be left in a price war of attrition leaving little to no room for profit. Apple on the other hand can keep or lower prices at will due to the fact they have another income stream…apps. This is the same model used by video game console manufacturers. The other tablet guys don`t have this luxury, they rely solely on hardware sales, and as you can see they`re already having trouble competing with the ipad`s price. If anything I can see some of the manufacturers come to this realization and abandon Android to develop their own tablet OS (a la RIM and HP). In which case they start from ground zero or get out of the tablet market completely, not a nice place to be IMO.

      1. You are incorrect. Not metrics. Google makes their money by selling all your personal data to advertisers. You may thing Google is good but they are far more evil than Apple or any other company.

      2. Apple makes little to nothing on Apps. It’s well documented in their SEC filings that they run the iTunes Store, which includes the App Store, at just above break-even.

    2. Android will never have 80% of the market, and won’t ever break 20% in the tablet market. Google made a splash with phone manufacturers who were desperate to have something to combat the iPhone. Google’s business model doesn’t require it to sell software; in fact, it relies upon getting users (and thus their personal data and page views) by enticing them with free stuff.

      However, as “Our Lady of the Perpetual Beta” is quickly finding out, it’s one thing to have your free word processing software crash and have hick-ups, but quite another when it’s your mobile phone or tablet computer. Add to that the necessary support for a wide variety of hardware configurations and the need to play “Keep Up With the Apples” and you have a time bomb waiting to go off. Heck, Google can’t even get Android updates to phone manufacturers, who must then add their own changes to the code for their specific devices, and then make it available to customers.

      In the long run, Google simply can’t keep up with or compete with Apple. It just isn’t set up to do so.

    1. The only problem is the geeks these days. I consider myself a nerd (I prefer that term), and as such I have an appreciation for elegantly-rendered, stable software. Geeks just like to dick around with stuff.

      Android is a pile of hot, steaming, sh!t as far as this nerd is concerned.


  2. Yes its winning (but what) is it sustainable, do they have enough profits to keep it up, or they will leave customers in the cold. Ask Kin users? Ask first android adopters, first tablet droid users that cant update to the new honey, It is not the same customers are getting burned, Xoom is not delivering its promise (probably it is illegal somwhere) but Flash is not there, SD card is unusable.
    Telcos are not subsidizing tablets, Version and other will have iPhones

  3. Got to see what the first weekend sales are like. If Apple hits a million – kiss all the others good bye… or be heavily discounted. The competition will pay bloggers to spread more misinformation but it will be hard when all the respected tech blogs are giving almost perfect scores on their iPad 2 reviews. I wonder how many CEOs will lose their job this year.. BUHAHAHAH!!

  4. The ONLY reason Android is winning is the cheap ass phones that it runs on are being so heavily discounted that carriers are giving them away. no one is making money off of these except for the Google ads – Also I would be quite upset if the OS maker (Google) could wipe any app at will off of my phone.. I can’t believe people put up with this..

  5. android platform has already achieved mass adoption – even on tablets pre-honeycomb – evidence: all the sub $300 tablets sold at many stores
    just because iOS is better, iPad is better and more “dominant” nobody should discount the market share that Google has and the “open” development platform for Android that some think is less controlling than Apple’s App Store ecosystems

    most tablets are NOT iPads and most cell phones are NOT iPhones – that’s all I’m saying

    1. All the $300 tablets bought by all the Fandroids. So, every Android fan has a $300 7″ tablet that plays a few Google Ad riddled games.

      Now what? The other 80% of computer users by an iPad, that’s what.

  6. Unfortunately, the consumer is N O T unforgiving. Rather, the consumer buys the cheapest product, sees that it is unfinished junk, then continues buying successive releases of the same inadequate product because he’s scared that if he tries a different product it will be even worse. As evidence I cite users of Microsoft products.

    1. Exactly. I know a large number of people I know who were “happy” with their Android phone only to realize what they were missing out on when they got their first iPhone.

    2. Agreed. If the consumers were unforgiving, Windows would not still be the dominant desktop/laptop OS. As it stands, they’re willing to put up with crap, as long as it’s cheap, and just assume that “they’re all the same anyway.”

  7. The factors are much more complex than this post implies. Most of the shortcomings mentioned can be fixed by future versions of Android. It’s the route to market that counts. The Android phones benefitted from the phone vendors aggressively selling them to everyone with BOGO offers, as a counter to the iPhone. With the DroidPads the phone vendors have much less interest, so retail outlets will play a much bigger role. The iPad is available at all the major retail outlets, the DroidPads not so much. I’d say the DroidPads will be moderately successful if they can match the prices (big if), but the growth will be much slower than the DroidPhones.

  8. I know Android will eventually win and Apple will lose this battle in a few years. Just like Windows all over again. When I hear 50-70 year olds talking about Google Android and bragging about the things it can do, Apple is in trouble. I’ve heard this conversation too many times in meetings and outside of the business community. I see far more Android powered devices than BB and Apple since the beginning of this year. Apple and iOS have been pilfered just like the Mac all over again.

      1. No. I’m just stating what I observe. I’m just concerned as why Apple has allowed Google to continue and dillute the unique aspects of iOS with thei rip off version given away for free.

    1. First of all, Android doesn’t power the device, the battery does.

      Now, if you don’t know the power comes from the battery, then your observations are totally unreliable.

    2. Put your crack pipe down. First of all I do not where you live but in DC, Virginia and Maryland almost all smart phones ( owned by young and old alike) are iPhones. The second issue is that Apple only has 4 % of the entire mobile market and garners 51% of the profit! So it is not the shear numbers but profitability which is what all companies strive for.

    3. That is all fine and dandy – but any company that adopts Android and thinks that Google is not snooping through all their data is sadly mistaken – I really do not trust Google and you will see once people expose all of their back doors –

    4. Quality!!! this makes me chuckle

      (When I hear 50-70 year olds talking about Google Android)

      where do you work an old folks home? this age range is tech scared why the hell would they be talking about Android and what it can do!!!

      Maybe one of the things they talk about is Android will change the incontinence pads and help them controls their mobility vehicles Lol

    5. You are so full of it. I know a number of 50-70s and the only ones who have tablets have iPads and are the envy of those who don’t yet. Windows in the 90s was a unique moment in the sun for that inferior garbage, that will not be repeated. The only similarity today to the windows saga is that now the microsoft sector along with android and blackberry are in a violent and unstoppable tailspin.

  9. Who gives a crap about Android being bigger than the iPhone? If I wanted to be with a high market share company then I would have switched to Windblows many years ago.
    I want to use what is best whether it is 1 or 99% of the market.

  10. Jubei

    Liar. No chance. Both my parents and 6 of their friends find the Android OS brutal. It is a geek operating system for geeks. Apple iOS is far superior and more user friendly.

  11. iOS is beating crappy Android OS on price for no-contract tablets. Game over.

    The Android OS business model does not work for non-subsidized tablets.

    The pricing model is flipped upside down for tablets with the high-end industry leader having the lowest prices and the most available software. So in the Mac versus PC analogy Mac is both the Mac and PC. WebOS/Palm and BlackBerry Playbook could still possibly kill the HoneyComb tablets.

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