VMWare brings Windows to iPad

“VMware just released a new iPad app, named ‘VMware View.’ The new View lets iPad owners use virtual desktops (it lets you use virtual Windows instances that are stored on VMware’s servers elsewhere in your company). With this offering VMware joins Citrix, which has a similar system and iPad app,” Robert Scoble blogs via Scobleizer.

“In this first look I talk with executives Chris Young, VP and GM of End User Computing, and Steve Herrod, CTO / SVP of R&D,” Scoble writes. “But what’s more interesting is how strongly they say the iPad is being deployed into enterprises. We talk about what they are learning about deployments of iPads.”

Read more and watch the video in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Genius lobotomized.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sarah” for the heads up.]


  1. nothing new
    its called “VNC” and has been free for years
    there are free “VNC” clients for iPhone and iPad
    sick of companies doing NO new research and development

    1. There’s more to the Citrix client than just that it does VNC. It may also implement local (floppy, USB stick, HD) storage, local printing, and maybe other functionality that you’d expect to remain local in a thin client situation.

        1. Whoops, I enclosed the word “floppy” in angle bracket html tags like so: <joke> floppy </joke&gt, but these got lost. This time I used ampersand escape sequences:)

    2. The MDN summary doesn’t make it clear that this is NOT a virtual machine, just a graphic terminal emulator, called a thin client in the X-Window world. The display (“server”) sits on the client’s screen side, while the actual computer session is on a Windows (“compute server”), which is able to transparently provide simultaneous logins into their own Windows environment.
      This is a natural in the unix/linux world, where there is a loose coupling between the (X-Window) display server and the compute server, in that they may or may not be on the same machine.

  2. I get my work desktop by logging into a remote desktop. I currently use CoRD on my desktop. Is this similar? How do things work with the touch screen if windows isn’t really set up for that?

  3. As sickening as this may seem (hehe), I was on TWIT chat last night with a person generally saying that iPad isn’t suitable for anything but consumer multimedia, among other things which I appropriately rebutted. (Don’t worry I put him in his place i.e. mentioning how tons of Fortune 500 companies are implementing iPad & etc). Having these kind of tools at a companies disposal will only help iPad get into the business market and shut these naysayers up properly with less needed intervention on my part.

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