Apple’s ridiculously-delayed white iPhone 4 to ship in April

“Apple is expected to begin production of its long-awaited [white] iPhone 4 sometime this month, with shipments no later than early April, according to one analyst’s checks,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

MacDailyNews Take: 10 months late. Apple really screwed the pooch with this one.

“Manufacturers will initiate production of the GSM-based iPhone 4 version in white enclosures and begin dispatching them to Apple ahead of general availability planned for next month, Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told AppleInsider,” Hughes reports. “Apple has made changes the ‘film material to solve the full-lamination problem that [was] the reason why white iPhones [were] delayed,’ he added. The handset was first scheduled to debut last June. Kuo did not provide a timeframe for a white CDMA-based iPhone.”

MacDailyNews Take: Why bother? iPhone 5 will be here before you know it (and probably before the mythical white iPhone).

Hughes reports, “Apple was forced to delay the white iPhone 4 numerous times in 2010 citing manufacturing issues. The most recent delay was announced by Apple in October…”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Well, look on the bright side, if Apple has to have some public screw ups, we’d rather it’s a product pigmentation boondoggle than something important. Until we’re told otherwise, we blame Papermaster.

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  1. Its Steve’s great white whale. But since there will be a (rumored) iOS announcement in April, and since the iPhone 5 will need to be submitted to the FCC for approval (a public process, so it will probably happen in April for a June release), I suspect that what we’ll see is announcement of an iPhone 5 in white and black models 9unless they really change the case design). The cheaper iPhone 4 may persist (possibly even in white models) much as the iPhone 3Gs has, assuming a significant increase in technology or capabilities of the iPhone 5. This could also signal an increase in iPhone 5 pricing, but that depends on hardware and is strictly speculation. But there’s no doubt people would pay more for a premium Apple product. They almost always do.

    1. I have been waiting for the white model 4, 5, 6 whatever you wish to call it. All of my iphones have been white. I prefer it and it seems so much more “Apple.”

  2. So the iPhone 5 will pretty much be an iPhone 4 with new innards? Why bother with a white iPhone 4 case so close to the release of the next one?

    Yes, I know iPhone 4 sales would continue regardless but why wouldn’t Apple just make them in black?

  3. They’ll sell a boatload or two of them. The white iPhone 4 is really pretty. Chicks will dig it, plus some guys too.

    The other thing is: many people don’t follow Apple rumors and don’t have a clue (or don’t care) that a new iPhone is just around the corner.

    I suspect that Apple is announcing the white iPhone now to stimulate sales prior to the iPhone refresh and avoid the pre-iPhone 5 slump.

  4. If apple is planning on shipping the white iPad on Friday, they must have mastered the process awhile ago. I would think it’s the same process for the iPhone, so how come the delays?

  5. Let me guesstimate…

    iPhone 5 = $199
    iPhone 4 = $99
    iPhone 3GS = $250, *no* contract.

    Goodbye, Android wannabes. iPhone’s contract is the main thing holding it back.

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