Apple updates Apple TV with live MLB, NBA streaming, Netflix, Dolby Digital 5.1, and more

Apple Online StoreApple has updated Apple TV to version 4.2 which, along with AirPlay support for third-party iOS 4.3 apps, also adds the following:

• MLB.TV: Access schedules, stats, scores, and standings. MLB.TV subscribers can watch live and on-demand Major League Baseball games.
• NBA: See scores and more, plus League Pass Broadband subscribers get live and archived games.
• AirPlay for apps: Use AirPlay to wirelessly stream video from apps and Safari on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
• Netflix Dolby Digital 5.1: Enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound when watching Netflix movies and TV shows.
• New slideshow themes: View photos with the new Scrapbook, Photo Mobile, and Holiday Mobile slideshow themes.
• Improved on-screen keyboard: Search and enter names and passwords more easily with the redesigned on-screen keyboard.

MLB.TV and NBA League Pass are available via Apple TV’s Internet menu. Schedules, scores, stats, standings are available to all Apple TV users. Live game streaming requires subscriptions to MLB.TV and NBA League Pass content.

Enjoy select Spring Training games and a full slate of regular season games on Apple TV.
MLB Regular Season features include:
• HD Quality (where available)
• LIVE and archived games
• Home and away broadcasts (Available to MLB.TV Premium subscribers only. Blackout and other restrictions apply and are subject to change. Visit MLB.TV for details.)
• Quick navigation to run scoring plays or a particular at bat

MLB.TV costs US$99.99 per year. MLB.TV Premium costs $119.99 per year. For the extra cost, MLB.TV Premium on Apple TV offers both Home and Away Broadcasts

More info about MLB.TV subscriptions:

Access League Pass Broadband on Apple TV: Watch up to 40+ live and archived NBA games a week. With League Pass Broadband, you can access your account on Apple TV and follow all the amazing NBA Action all season long.. (Local and National blackout restrictions apply)

• CHOICE: Choose up to 7 teams to watch thoughout the regular season. – $64.95
• PREMIUM: Watch all 30 teams thoughout the regular season. – $99.95

More info about NBA League Pass subscriptions:

For more info, visit


  1. AppleTV just keeps getting better and better. Have one in the bedroom and one in the living room… for $99 how can you go wrong. Now… where are the apps for AppleTV?

    1. I agree that’s a big drawback. I live in western Kentucky, more than a three-hour drive to either St. Louis or Cincinnati, yet they black out all the Cardinals and Reds game here. I only really care about the NL, so it greatly diminishes the attraction.

      1. I’m a displaced Cincinnatian in Columbus, OH, and here they block out the Reds, Pirates, and and Indians. Like you I only care about the NL, and especially the NL Central since that’s where the Reds are. But they’ve blocked out two Central teams, and by doing that, they effectively block four of them when they’re both playing Central opponents.

        1. I too am a displaced Cincinnatian – in Philly. Sadly, after having grown up during the Big Red Machine era and having watched the Reds disappoint me over and over again for the 13 years that I have been here, I can honestly say that I have become more of a Phillies fan than a Reds fan. I still root for the Reds, but now I root for the Phillies when they play each other.

          Also, on a side note – the entire Phillies regular season is already sold out and has been for almost a month now!

          Go Big Four!!!

  2. Apple needs to slow down. My bank account can’t keep up with all these new products and features. HAHAHA!! i am joking by the way.

    It’s awesome I can officially dump cable and boost my internet speed. Sport is the biggest drawback from dumping cable. All the news channels now stream over the internet and stories appear on the website before they go on air anyway. Now if they can finagle NFL to let them in we are in true good form, but that damn DISH company.

    1. NHL for me, but I totally agree with what you`re saying. With this new IOS 4.3 update I`m sure developers will have their apps updated to all airplay and mirroring, with news and weather I could easily dump cable.

  3. Broadband ISP options in Houston absolutely suck, especially if you want something in excess of 3.0 Mbps (about 2.4 Mbps after overhead).

    And the cost!!! Qwest offers 20Mbps in other states for less than I pay for 3.0Mbps in Houston. It’s criminal.

    1. I’m in League City, basically Houston. Get Verizon FiOS! 25 mbps up AND down on fibre for 70 bucks a month Internet only. As soon as my intro price on Comcast is up that is what I am switching to.

      1. IF you can get FIOS, then I agree. If you live in an AT&T area, no FIOS? Maybe you can get Uverse. I live in League City, and FIOS is not available in my neighborhood.

        FIOS is nice, when you can get it.

  4. The only reason I have DirecTV is because they carry EVERY St. Louis Cardinals game, home or away on Fox Sports Midwest. Comcrap used to black out about 25 of their games every year.

    I would go the MLB.TV route in a heartbeat on ATV if I could be assured of seeing all Cardinal games. Something tells me most of their games would be blacked out on MLB.TV. that would be bad, can’t figure out why I would want to get MLB.TV if that is the case.

    1. “With League Pass Broadband, you can access your account on Apple TV and follow all the amazing NBA Action all season long.”

      That’s from the link. Just reading it, it appears that my NBA LeaguePass acct should work on my ATV2. Now, I have to go and try it to see. That’ll be great if it works!

      1. Okay, I’m home. It works awesome. No additional cost, but the feed is now much, much better. HD, not sketchy SD. That’s one more step towards cutting the cable cord.

  5. Netflix Dolby Digital 5.1: Enjoy Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound when watching Netflix movies and TV shows.

    Bout time.

    As for the blackouts.. That’s a contract thing, it’s not apple or cable/sat providers decision.

  6. I’ve been waiting for years to watch MLB.TV on my ATV. The only thing I’ve missed since ditching cable. I saw this update appear the moment it came out. I downloaded, saw the MLB app and immediately subscribed to MLB.TV. I’m now 6 innings into a Mariner game and loving it. (Despite how pathetic my beloved Mariners are).

    You gotta love that Steve went ahead and extended two middle fingers to the networks today. Live sports and mirroring is all the convincing many cable subscribers need to ditch permanently. You know he gave them the opportunity to make money with an iTunes subscription service but they were too stubborn to play ball. Fine now we’ll get our ala carte programming without them. Silly networks, Steve Jobs on a sick day is smarter than any of you on your best day. Steve strikes another blow for consumers. Go Steve.

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