New apps from Pioneer turn iPhone, iPad, iPod touch into song server, home theater controller

Pioneer Electronics today announced Air Jam and iControlAV2, two new apps that turn iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 4.2 into sources for entertainment and control of its new top line VSX-1021 audio video receiver. Pioneer’s new Air Jam App is a unique app that allows users to share their favorite music tracks directly through the receiver. The Air Jam App can simultaneously connect up to four devices to the receiver via Bluetooth, giving users the ability to create a group playlist with each device’s music content. Owners of the VSX-1021 can also use their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to control the receiver with Pioneer’s iControlAV2 App. The iControlAV2 App brings home theater control directly on the screen of iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch for a multitude of functions. Both the Air Jam App and iControlAV2 App are available for free from the App Store.

Rockin’ Out with Air Jam
An excellent solution for any house party, the new Air Jam App turns a iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a song server at the touch of a button. By downloading the free app from the App Store and launching it on a iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, users can cue songs from their music library for playback over Bluetooth on the Pioneer receiver with the simplicity of drag and drop.

Once Air Jam is launched, each device will display the list of songs and artists added by all connected users and the device from which each song will play.

During the session, each user can shuffle, select, and control the playlist. Following the session, users can recall past playlists and purchase songs from the iTunes Store with a simple touch of the screen.

Never Be Out of Control with iControlAV2
Pioneer’s iControlAV2 App enables VSX-1021 owners to put away the included remote control and utilize an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as their main home theater controller, enabling direct control of the receiver’s volume, bass, balance and room settings.

The app is further enhanced when used on an iPad, with most major functions combined into a single, intuitive screen. Additional features include detailed graphic representations of before and after MCACC room calibration, and sound adjustments that enable users to create their own equalizer settings with a simple “touch and draw” on the screen. The iControlAV2 App also includes Blu-ray player control when connected to a compatible Pioneer Blu-ray player.

Both the Air Jam App and the iControlAV2 App require iOS 4.2 with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G, iPad, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod touch (3rd generation), and iPod touch (4th generation).

More info and download links via Apple’s iTunes App Store:
• Pioneer Air Jam
• iControlAV2

The Pioneer VSX-1021 Audio Video receiver is available at a suggested retail price of $549.

Source: Pioneer Corporation

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  1. If you ask me Pioneer is really missing out on a huge opportunity here. Most people want to stream their music from a Zune, not some clunky, overpriced toy from MAC. Whatever.

    1. Zune,

      You’re absolutely right – the Zune still has the air of mystique and exclusivity that so few consumer electronics products can ever hope to attain, and following in the footsteps of Philips’ Digital Consumer Cassette or Sega’s Dreamcast.

      What a shame that Microsoft decided to ruin the carefully cultivated image of rarity by so successfully incorporating Zune-branded media playback software into the astoundingly popular Windows Phone 7: Windows Phone 7 is a fabulous product and looks like it costs a billion dollars, which – in a very real sense – it does.

      1. While on the subject of the Philips Digital Consumer Cassette, don’t forget the Sony MiniDisc. All deserve to be in the electronics hall of fame.

  2. Although Sony doesn’t have AirPlay, it does have an iPhone app that will allow for most of all of the receivers’ functions.

    It’s one of the reasons I chose it, although I’m not particularly partial to Sony products any more.

    Sadly, the desktop app that allows you to set up your new Sony receiver only runs in Windows.

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