Thurrott: ‘Overly thin-looking’ Apple CEO Steve Jobs offers up ‘tepid’ iPad 2

“Apple introduced the iPad 2 as expected on Wednesday, and that’s the problem: There were absolutely no surprises at all, at least about the device itself, whose feature set was revealed by rumor sites weeks in advance,” Paul Thurrott writes for Windows IT Pro.

MacDailyNews Take: That the details were largely known/guessed at beforehand does not in any way diminish the device. The only “problem” is the one that blankly stares back whenever Thurrott is unfortunate enough to glance into a mirror.

Thurrott continues, “‘We’ve been working on this product for a while, and I didn’t want to miss today,’ an overly thin-looking Jobs said, opening the iPad announcement event, after receiving a standing ovation from the Apple-centric press in attendance. ‘We’ve got something great to announce for today.'”

MacDailyNews Take: See, people didn’t stand to applaud a world-changing (multiple times) visionary who’s battled cancer, a liver transplant, and God-knows-what-else in order to be able to stand upon that stage, they applauded simply because they’re “Apple-centric.” Just a room full of brainwashed Apple cultists clapping for a run-of-the-mill corporate executive, that’s all.

Thurrott continues, “Jobs and his Apple cohorts then went on to step through the expected product news: a thinner, slightly lighter new iPad that Apple claims offers better CPU performance and ‘nine times’ the graphics performance of its predecessor. Despite looking almost identical to the first iPad, Jobs repeatedly described the device as ‘an all-new design.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Jobs only described it as an “all-new design” because it is.

Thurrott continues, “Jobs also repeatedly said the new iPad 2 was ‘dramatically thinner’ than its predecessor.”

MacDailyNews Take: Correctly, of course; iPad 2 is 33% thinner than its predecessor.

Thurrott continues, “Looking at the few other differences, the iPad 2 includes front- and rear-facing cameras, a gyroscope, and comes in black and white versions. Battery life is identical to that of its predecessor, as is pricing, which again ranges from $500 to a whopping $829.”

MacDailyNews Take: You get the idea. Microsoft’s butt boy has nothing but ham-handedly concocted negatives, as usual.

Thurrott concludes, “These problems notwithstanding, if you do want to purchase a tablet device—virtually no one needs such a thing, remember—the iPad is indeed the best choice, mostly because of its rich ecosystem of apps and content. Android tablets, and other competitors from HP, Research in Motion (RIM), and, eventually, Microsoft’s Windows partners—will likely never match this strength.”

Full article – Think Before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: Technically, beyond basic food, shelter, and water, nobody needs anything. The most telling thing: If even Paul Thurrott can arrive at the correct recommendation, iPad, then the wannabes are in for a bloodbath of biblical proportions.


    1. Agree, he does look like he put on weight …. Go back and look at cheeks, they were fuller than before, for sure, I watched over and over looking at them …

      Also take a look at his belt buckle, about 35 minutes thru there is a pretty good shot of it – I see no tightening up on the buckle, yet this is not first day he wore that belt – look closely and I think you will agree ….

  1. ‘There were absolutely no surprises at all, at least about the device itself, whose feature set was revealed by rumor sites weeks in advance’

    Hang on, what’s he doing trawling Apple rumour sites? Thought he was a Windows nut?

    ‘…an overly thin-looking Jobs said.’

    Nice. He’s a classy piece of work, this Thurrott-guy.

      1. And to quote the legendary Stanley Kubrick: What’s a “reach-around”…?

        (he asked it of R. Lee Ermey on the set of ‘Full Metal Jacket’, after a take of a long ad-lib monologue)

      2. And the monologue itself (the relevant part — bleeped version):

        “I’ll bet you’re the kind of guy that would f–k a person in the ass and not even have the goddam common courtesy to give him a reach-around.”

          1. Uhh, that wasn’t Kubrik’s dialogue, you idiot- that was R. Lee Ermey’s improvisation all the way. Kubrik had the sense to keep his nose out of it and let Ermey do what he does best.

          2. And the dialog in Clockwork Orange wasn’t Kubrick’s either, you Philistines. The movie was based on Anthony Burgess’s brilliant novel of the same name.

  2. I think Thurrott is not crazy, he just needs the hit count so he says this stuff.

    But you know what everybody is overlooking? THAT AMAZING SMART COVER. That’s gonna be a must-buy-this-product feature for a lot of people. It’s so cool, and so well-designed, and looks like you feel like you are accomplishing magic every time you put it on.

    PLUS it’ll lead to a world where ipads are no longer covered up by cases.. more exposure.

    I’m excited to see one in action, myself.

    1. Several guys today commented, with fascination and even glee, the sheer coolness of the smart cover. This is going to be another great hit (much like every other little thing Apple thinks of).

      Jony Ive is a magician, no doubt!

  3. Thurrott is just more proof of the fact that there is a limited supply of people who can genuinely create beautiful and innovative technology and an infinite supply of assholes who have no such creativity, but believe that they have an opinion that carries some merit.

    It’s a good job that much of Thurrott’s nonsense is available online, because I’d feel really bad if trees were dying to make paper for this verbal diarrhoea to escape into the printed world.

    1. And, just to justify my opinion that this guy is an asshole for sale…

      “You might question whether Microsoft’s grand experiment with handwriting recognition and Tablet PCs has borne much fruit. After all, as 2003 wound to a close, PC makers were bemoaning slow sales. Microsoft is optimistic, however. With key vertical markets such as health care, sales, manufacturing, and education offering a wide range of Tablet PC-specific solutions, it appears that the Tablet PC has established a viable niche. But the company envisions its Tablet PC software eventually running on all notebook computers, and PC makers have responded to that vision by unleashing a wide range of Tablet PC hardware types that dramatically dwarfs the options we saw last year.

      The original Tablet PC devices were hampered primarily by weak Pentium III processors and poor battery life, but 2004 versions are benefiting from the emergence of powerful and power-thrifty Pentium M processors. PC makers, meanwhile, are shipping Tablet PCs in various sizes and shapes, with some companies–notably Gateway–even offering Tablet PC versions of existing notebooks for just a small premium. These machines, I suspect, point to the future of the Tablet PC and suggest that mainstream success is inevitable. I’m hoping to review some recent Tablet PC designs soon, however, to test that hypothesis.”Windows XP SP2 Will Bring Tablet PC Improvements : April 7, 2004.

      So, in 2004, MSFT was destined for certain success and Windows Tablet was valuable for certain niches. Now, in 2011, with Apple having 90% of the tablet market and corporates and multiple verticals finding utility in the platform, nobody really needs tablets.

        1. Thanks mccfr. I’ve tried to engage in a dialogue with Thurrott, but he’s like an 8 year old child who’s had his toys confiscated.

          Glad to see there are people still able to easily prove what a hit-whore Paul Thurrott is.

  4. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about with Steve Jobs looking really thin, Apple makes there products really thin and light so why not do the same with the CEO.

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