Steve Jobs quotes found in Mac OS X Lion ‘All My Files’ icon

“Apple’s latest version of OS X Lion contains a plethora of new features that are being uncovered piece by piece now that the preview version is in the hands of developers,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for TUAW. “One little gem recently discovered is a new section in the Finder called ‘All My Files.’ This feature helps you organize your files by criteria, such as file type, file creation date and last opened date.”

Hodgkins reports, “The icon for this new section is an image of a filing drawer stuffed with documents and dividers. Zooming in on the documents within this icon, one can see writing that is taken from notable quotes delivered by Steve Jobs and Apple.”

Full article, with the icon, here.


  1. Interesting. . . Apple returning to drawer metaphor for organizing files. Anyone remember the first hard disk for the Apple Macintosh, the General Computer HyperDrive? It created an icon on the desktop in the shape of a drawer or filing cabinet.

  2. The ‘drawer’ metaphor for all documents sounds like what we’re using on the iPad (iOS).

    Within a year or two, I fully expect the Mac operating system to be transformed into something that’s almost identical to iOS. The adoption of numerous iOS elements in the recent Lion developer releases makes this trend clear.

    That will inject some new life into the Mac’s operating system, possibly make the 400,000 apps designed for iOS also available on Macs, and make is super-easy for any iPhone or iPad user to transition to a Mac (rather than PC) for their next computer purchase.

  3. It’s amassing how apple will take time to add little things like that!! 😀

    This is another /BIG/ reason I bought a mac. 😀


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