Two iPads in one year? Apple’s done it before

“As the fervor surrounding tomorrow’s big announcement builds, fanboys and fangirls are eagerly sitting around their computers gulping down all the latest iPad 2 rumors that the Internet has to offer,” Buster Heine reports for Cult of Mac. “One of the popular rumors out there is that tomorrows iPad 2 unveiling will be a disappointing spec bump and that the real grand daddy of tablet computers, the iPad 3, will be unveiled later in the year (possibly in September if Gruber and others are correct).”

Heine reports, “Cult of Mac has published a number of articles supporting the idea that Apple will be releasing two iPads in 2011. While there have been a significant amount of doubters to this theory of two iPads being launched, one must take into account that such a move wouldn’t be completely unprecedented. I’m referring to the iPod Mini 2G vs. the iPod Nano in 2005.”

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s March 2nd event begins at 10am Pacific.

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  1. Apple doesn’t do full on media events at Yerba Buena just to introduce a meaningless “spec bump”. If this were to be an insignificant update to a major product, they would just quietly announce it on and start selling it, as they have done time and time again when bringing out new versions of MacBooks, Mac Pros, Mac minis, and even things like the Magic Mouse and Magic TrackPad.

    No, if tomorrow’s new iPad isn’t a significant enhancement over iPad v1.0, I’ll be shocked. Because if it’s not, all those journalists and bloggers, etc. who have travelled to SF to see this dog-and-pony show will have majorly wasted their time and Apple will get skewered in the press and online.

    1. I agree. I spec bump would not merit a media event. Also, I don’t believe Apple can afford to go another 6 months with an iPad without a camera. They would not want to provide anyone with an answer to the question, “Why should I buy Tablet X instead of an iPad?”

  2. Like Apple really cares about the possibility of upsetting iPad 2 owners if they release another model in the same year? Lol.

    Steve doesn’t give a shit about your feelings. If Apple has determined that this is the best course of action then so be it. You don’t like it ’cause you just bought an iPad then buy the new one, too.

    1. Not too bright are you? Apple’s core philosophy is about providing the best end-user experience. They clearly care about their customers. Only time will tell if September brings us a complete refresh, but I doubt it. I like Gruber’s theory that a new sort of product that fits into the ecosystem will released around that time. Something not meant to replace the iPad, but compliment it in some fashion.

      1. I’d have to say you’re both right. Yes, Apple does care about its customers. It illustrates this by building the best products it can possibly build – whether you thought you needed it or not! But Apple has also shown that it has no sympathy for those who whine about the pace of technology – anything you buy is going to be outmoded in 6 months – deal with it.

        In addition, Apple has demonstrated repeatedly that it will do what it deems is in its own best interests, even if it pisses some folks off.

        1. It’s not about the pace of tech. Apple wouldn’t release a ho-hum update, then a major update because the uncertainty around the latter would kill sales of the former. Thata said, the was Leadnders theory deod work is if this is a $399 iPad coupled with free/better .Me

      2. Not to bright are you? Apple’s true core philosophy is to make money. They make money by developing products Steve Jobs wants to make. It just so happens that a lot of people like the products SJ makes. If it was about the customer we’d have blu ray in iMacs and MacBooks instead of a weak excuse why we can’t have it, or numerous other items that are added in at later product refreshes just so they can lead the Mac faithful to buy more macs. They are also trying to grab every cent they can from publishers. How does that help customers when we will eventually have to pay higher prices for content as the pubs seek to recoup money from revenue streams that are no longer coming to them? Apple is a business first and foremost and busineses are in business to make money. If not this would be a non-profit or would continue to just be a hobby ran from the garage.

  3. I would like to ask the simple question of, “Why doesn’t any one complain about Motorola, HP, or Dell updating or just plain old dropping entire lines of computers or phones, but yet Apple updates once a year or so, and people get so pissed that what they bought last year is out of date!”

  4. Why do people worry about two new models this year? Buy the best one you can afford NOW. If a newer HD one comes out in six months, buy it as well.

    Sell the one that’s coming out tomorrow for $100 less than you paid for it in six months. It will still be new and some folks will gladly buy it.

    You get to USE a top of the line iPad for SIX whole months for $100 before you get ANOTHER new one. What is the problem? It’s like renting one really cheap.

  5. If there were technical setbacks in implementing a higher resolution display or similar important design aspect, then I could see Apple serving up a speed/storage bump as an interim step, possibly with a price cut to keep the pressure on would-be tablet competitors. But I would not expect such a device to be called the iPad2 unless the changes were significant (e.g., A5 processor).

  6. So sick of all of these rumours everyday. It’s all BS. Just to get traffic. Blogs are quickly going downhill. Enough!

    “The white MacBook will be gone.” “11 hour battery life on the new MacBook Pros”. Blah blah. BS. APPLE WILL NOT RELEASE 2 IPADS IN 1 YEAR. NO. NO. NO. You will see higher res screen on iPad 2. You will see iOS 5. You will see front facing camera, dual core chip, etc.

    1. Agreed. The Ios and apps will be the defining ‘feature’ of the iPad, and the notion of doing anything to compete with other ‘tablets’ is laughable. There is NO competition.
      A camera for Facetime is obvious, and a faster processor and better battery life are also somewhat obvious.

      Re-tooling twice in a year? Why? They invent a new device, control the market, make a ton of profit and change the world of computing.
      Apple hardly need to rush anything at all…

  7. The timing of this rumour still seems very suspicious. All the hype about iPad 2 gets defused when we read about iPad 3. That could hurt sales enough for the few people who held out to be tempted by another tablet that is closer to the iPad 3 than the iPad 2. Nefarious PR and marketing people could have started this rumour in a desperate attempt to sell a few non-iPad tablets.

  8. I wouldn’t count it out. Anyone remember the iPod with Color Display? It was released in May 2005, only to have Apple release the true iPod 5th Gen in October the same year.

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