Study: Apple’s Mobile Safari browser is world’s fastest

“Sick of waiting for pages to load on your mobile device? Get an iPad or iPhone. That’s the upshot of a mobile browser speed study done by a company called Compuware Gomez,” Nick Mediati reports for PC World. “They found that Apple’s mobile version of Safari was fastest and BlackBerry’s browser the slowest.”

“According to Gomez, the iPad fully loads pages in 8.4 seconds on average,” Mediati reports. “The iPhone comes in second at 19.7 seconds, followed by Android at 36.5 seconds, and Blackberry at 61 seconds.”

Mediati reports, “Compuware Gomez also analyzed perceived page loading times–that is, how long it took each browser to load the items visible “above the fold” on screen (i.e. the elements visible to you when you first visit the page without scrolling down). Perceived load times are shorter because … In this, the iPad again came out on top, with a perceived load time of roughly 6.6 seconds. The iPhone clocked in at about 15.7 seconds, followed by Android at 28.2 second, and BlackBerry at around 43.8 seconds.”

Read more in the full article, including a complete chart of Compuware Gomez’s browser data with data for desktops and notebooks, here.


  1. … this is not about “browsers” so much as about Mobile browsers. I guess that’s fair, by the end of this year there will be about as many familiar with that (iOS) Mobile Browser as with the OS X version of Safari.
    And, it’s nice to see that we are not talking about “measurably faster”, here, these times are noticeably faster.

    1. Yes, this article focuses on mobile browsers. It also points out the difficulty in evaluating browser results.

      But check out the numbers for Safari v4 and v5. Nothing can touch it.

      No recall the troll vomit of late that ‘My Safari browser is soooo slow!” and “Google Chrome rips dude! I kills Safari!”

      Such is TrollTardiness.

  2. So Android users have to wait a half minute for web browsers to load while the Blackberry user has to tap his feet & fiddle his fingers like a demented fool for a full minute before looking at anything on his browser. The other problem with demented Blackberry users which should drive them into a mental institution is how pathetically small the screen is.

    I had someone show me some information that was laid out in a data grid on his Blackberry once and I couldn’t read a thing. He said that it was 564 or whatever the number was but I had eye strain even trying to look at it.

    I think BB users like to delude themselves that the functionality of BBM overrides everything else but that’s just cheap ass thinking. Just get a data plan that lets you send SMS if all you want to do is BBM all day. Dicks.

    1. Java remains one of the biggest disappointments in coding history. It has its uses. But the first thing on the fire after my furnace blows out will be my Java coding books.

  3. In real world tasks, the iPhone blows away Blackberry and Android even more than browser tests show. When I’m out with friends and we need to get info on something they always lose the race.

    In performing any tasks, such as looking up a restaurant address, finding a movie time, forwarding a contact phone #, retrieving info from an email via search, etc.

    triple Combo tasks, such as look up an address and forward the address to a friend while talking to them on the phone happens very quickly and easily on the iPhone – but this is impossible on the other phones. And this situation seems to be very common when making plans.

    And that’s when my friends on BB and Android bring up that a friend of a friend of a friend hates their iPhone because it dropped a call in Saskatchewan. my iphone has never dropped a call.

  4. Mobile Safari is the world’s fastest? Maybe so, but the desktop version of Safari has been getting slower and slower with virtually every update. I have so far resisted the temptation to switch to Firefox—which is overly complex like most software with a non-Mac pedigree; but speed is definitely not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Safari.

    1. Errrr… no it has not oO.

      Do you have a MacBook with a slow-ass Intel GPU? Making it load the Top Sites page is enough to slow those computers down a lot.

      Or maybe you are talking about the Windows version? It sucks, but it is still better than IE, and I won’t use Firefox or Chrome since one is too poor to adopt a standard, and the other is too evil.

      1. Windows? What’s Windows? My main computer is a 2.16GHz C2D iMac. Not the fastest machine in the world, to be sure; but earlier versions of Safari were alot more responsive than later ones.

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