RUMOR: Apple orders last-minute display change on next-gen iPad; no delay, still on track

“Amid rumors that Apple is making adjustments in its iPad 2 design and is also facing issues over the device’s touch panel yields, sources from upstream component makers pointed out that the announcement of the iPad 2 is still expected to be in the second quarter, but mass production volumes are expected to drop,” Yenting Chen, Ninelu Tu, and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The sources pointed out that Apple still maintains its plans to mass produce the iPad 2 by the end of February,” Chen, Tu, and Tsai report. “However, affected by low touch panel yields and an adjustment in specifications, Apple’s production volume forecast for the first quarter is expected to drop from 400,000-600,000 units originally to only 300,000-400,000 units.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Journo” for the heads up.]


    1. If that calendar image, peeling off the corner to reveal an iPad, is Apple’s own, then it is clear what they’re announcing next Wednesday. Obviously, right on their annual refresh schedule that has become a tradition at this point for the iOS devices.

  1. That’s a re-estimated 300K to 400K of the new iPad2 in the first quarter of the year (not Apple’s first quarter) which ends in March. That would be on top of first gen iPad sales.

    Apple will far outstrip this number in iPad2 pre-orders and will ramp up production to meet demand as quickly as possible. No reason to panic, but you may have to wait a few weeks or even a couple of months to get your hands on new iPad2 goodness.

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