Apple’s plans for new MobileMe include ambitious cloud computing features

ZAGGmate iPad case“Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is working on a ‘major revamp’ of MobileMe, including a ‘locker’ that will stream movies and TV shows to iPhones and iPads,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac. “We’ve learned that Apple is going far beyond this. The company is looking to add a ton of ambitious cloud computing features to MobileMe — possibly in anticipation of a streaming-only iPhone.”

Among the many services Apple is working on are:
• A live video-streaming service like Ustream
• A location-based check-in system like Gowalla or Foursquare
• A geo-tagging system codenamed ‘Tokens’ that tags real-world locations, like Facebook Places on steroids.

Kahney reports, “‘The concept is that you would have you[r] own website that’s dynamic, all based on what you are doing at that moment,’ said our source. ‘Apple thinks of it as having a webserver in your pocket… everything will be dynamically updated to MobileMe.’ …Tokens (the name is temporary) allows users to tag GPS locations with information, tips and interesting photos. Users can see what tokens others have left behind. The information could be restaurant reviews, meal recommendations, special deals offered by retailers, or photos of events that took place there.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. I think Apple has missed the boat. They SHOULD have offered a Mozy type backup/storage thing for MobileMe. Or a DropBox like functionality for MobileMe.

    I mean, if you had say Time Machine doing backups of essential files pretty much instantly (like word docs or something) to a cloud like thing sorta like a Mozy/Dropbox in which you could then use your Laptop or iPad or iPhone or iPod to look/edit the doc. It syncs back to the cloud. When you come back to your Mac, turn it on, it updates that file. PLUS, you’d still be able to use Time Machine to go BACK to the old version if you want.

    Imagine……they could easily keep charging $99 for that if it was wrapped up in an easy, intuitive Apple package.

    1. We can all agree that Apple has not done all they might have done with MobileMe. But “missed the boat”? In what alternate universe has the most wildly successful high-technology company on the planet missed the boat? Only in your dreams.

    2. Have you ever heard of iDisk? You have access to all your files on any Mac or i-product including backup. MobileMe has the same functionality as DropBox between desktops and laptops yet on the iPod, iPad, Iphone it’s not editable on all files yet. Yes Time Machine is still local…

      1. Bisse, I have had .Mac turned MobileMe for several years. iDisk is somewhat useful. It’s great for synchronizing files across multiple macs (and now the iOS devices as well). However, it is the sloooooooooowest service of its type. If I am in a hurry, I tend to just default to dropbox.

    3. They have had a dropbox like system for over 5 years now. I used iDisk extensively since 2006. If you turn on active syncing, you have the identical service to dropbox.

      Unfortunately, it does not work as well as dropbox (in my experience). This is especially true on older slower machines where it can be pathetically slow. On my G5 system I had to turn off auto-sync and do it manually because it would bog down so bad. Even on a brand new MBP i7, it occasionally bogs, especially tripping on open files – which never stops dropbox.

      But it IS there and HAS BEEN there for over 5 years, and overall works pretty well. It saved me from worrying about the possibility of losing all my files if my laptop were to be stolen while traveling. Never would have been an issue with my work in the cloud.

      1. See, that is the point. They missed the boat. Sorta like Microsoft and tablets. They had something that sorta worked, but not well enough that anyone really used it a lot (like iDisk).

        See, it would be smart of Apple to say that part of the $99 a year is a remote Time Machine backup to MobileMe. In fact, you could take it further and say that if you had a TimeCapsule, it could handle the initial backup while it connected to the internet and uploaded/updated the MobileMe archive. And, if you had an iOS device, MobileMe would sort of function like the BackToMyMac is supposed to work, where you could get access to your files, make changes, etc, and then save them and when you come home, power on the Mac it would look at the MobileMe/TimeCap version, and update any changes.

        It is totally something that Apple could do, it has all the pieces already…..

  2. Too Much Personal Information

    I would much rather the home page on an IOS device be able to keep a live feed of news, weather, music playing, active contacts across IMs and MyTwitFaceSkype whatever, new voicemails and emails without having to dig into an app for each function.

    And for God’s sake, why can’t Apple add a shortcut button with options for power savings in one click? Be able to turn off Locations, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, adjust resolution all in one place.

  3. “Apple missing the boat”????

    Since Apple usually IS the Boat, that would be hard to imagine. But I say for Apple to go slow and do it right. Make it a growing and improving thing.

    Just a thought,

    1. If you consider how long MobileMe (.Mac) has been around, it has been very slow in developing. I was considering dropping MobileMe after several years, but I might hang onto it if the additional features justify the cost.

      For instance, I would stay onboard if MobileMe included a remote data backup capability with some useful capacity (at least several hundred GB).

  4. I still anticipate that Apple’s goal will ultimately be to eliminate the desktop PC entirely from the iOS equation. No need to backup & sync via desktop iTunes; the MobileMe cloud and local hard drives will provide all backup services and storage.

  5. Yeah, I sure want everybody on the web to be able to spy on (or market to) me at any time. That sounds almost as cool as living in East Germany, North Korea, Iran.

    Oh wait…

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