Demolition of Steve Jobs’ dilapidated Jackling House finally begins

“Crews have begun demolishing Apple chief Steve Jobs’ historic [17,250-square-foot] Jackling House mansion in Woodside,” The Associated Press reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Soon, it’ll really be “historic,” as in: history. 🙂

AP reports, “The demolition, which began on Monday, ends a long legal battle by preservationists intent on preventing the Spanish Colonial Revival home from being torn down.”

“The home was designed by noted architect George Washington Smith for copper baron Daniel Jackling,” AP reports. “It was built in the 1920s.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Miracles do happen!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


    1. Yes, I believe they would. SJ has battled for years to tear down that non-historic building and construct one of his own design. And SJ is not one to give up, even if he might not see the finished product.

      Never give in. Never give up. Persistence is one of the keys to success.

  1. Stands in line to be the first to swing the sledgehammer…

    Gets call on iPhone 4…answers by pressing receive button on Bluetooth headset in hands free mode…

    “What? Sorry I can’t hear you?!”

    Repeat ad infinitum…

    Is it AT&T? Verizon perhaps?

    None of the above. 

    It’s the fscking decrepit iPhone Bluetooth stack! For fsck’s sake fix the Bluetooth stack on the iPhone already!! It’s more broken than a demolished house of cards! Jesus Apple!!!

  2. They call a house built less than 100 years ago “historic”? Maybe because it was the project of a robber baron? I’m living in a house built half a century earlier, as were many of the houses on our street, and it rates no such designation. Then again, this is New England, where we actually have history that goes back beyond my grandfather’s memory.

    1. New England doesn’t count. They were burning witches in Salem when the rest of the United States was nothing more than forested land where the buffalo (bison) roamed. 

      In fact the Wild West in California didn’t really start until the Gold Rush in the 1850’s. You need to put history into perspective in California.

      I’d say anything older than Governor Jerry Brown is considered an antique in Cali. All hail The Terminator! I’ll be back suckers!

  3. Historic? HISTORIC??
    90 years old building is nothing. In Europe it would count as normal to young. My own half-timber house is more than 150 years old. And even than one is nothing special AT ALL.

    If it would be Abe Lincolns childhood house, ok, that would qualify it as historic. But someone’s house, a no-name?
    Please. It’s nothing special.

  4. 1) the house was not on any historical registry when Jobs bought it. He thought he had the right to demolish it when he purchased the house.

    2) The preservationists wanted publicity for their various agendas and got lots of it attacking Jobs. Some groups drove all the way from Florida to protest.

    3) According to Macworld UK Steve Jobs was said to have offered the house for free to anyone who wanted it and added $600,000 for shipping,

    One preservationist ‘volunteered’ but insisted Jobs ALSO help pay for the clearing of her land pay to refurbish the house so that she could live in it.

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