Apple expected to release ‘Sandy Bridge’ MacBook Air in June – report

“Apple is targeting a MacBook Air update for this summer that will include a move to Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors,” Brooke Crothers reports for CNET.

“Initial shipments of Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor were snafued on January 31 by a minor glitch in the accompanying chipset, though the chipmaker will resume shipments of fixed chipsets as early as mid-month,” Crothers reports. “The Sandy Bridge processor itself is not affected.”

Crothers reports, “The MacBook Air refresh is expected in June, according to a source familiar with Apple’s plans.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Yeah; ya see,
    This “source” is familiar with Apple plans. But “The Source” makes no mention regarding new Macbook Pro’s. Guess he just had no idea about what may or maybe coming right up, but he is able to say the next Air’s (some time in standard update time frame future) will have Sandy Bridge.
    Wow. Quite a prognosticator.

    1. Someone needs to learn how to touch type 😉

      Srsly tho, the backlit keyboard is hella hot, but for the amount of times i need to look down at the keyboard to find a specific key I haven’t memorized, the monitor lighting is just fine.

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