Lines form as Verizon iPhone 4 goes on sale across U.S.A.

“Despite icy temperatures in New York on Thursday morning, those eager to buy a version of an Apple smartphone that is compatible with Verizon’s wireless network filed into Apple and Verizon stores around Manhattan to purchase a device,” Jenna Wortham reports for The New York Times.

“Thursday was the first day the iPhone has been widely available for sale in the United States from a wireless carrier other than AT&T. Verizon and Apple started selling the Verizon iPhone in their retail locations around the country at 7 a.m. as well as in their online stores,” Wortham reports. “Best Buy and several hundred Wal-Mart stores are also expected to accommodate customers interested in a Verizon iPhone.”

Wortham reports, “Demand is expected to be high. The Verizon iPhone has received glowing reviews from multiple gadget reviewers, only fueling interest in the device… North and South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming, which are not serviced by AT&T, will be able to purchase an iPhone from Verizon, which will begin selling the phone in those regions on Thursday. Stores have stocked up on hand warmers and hot drinks for the those who may line up.”

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  1. I love the way Apple keeps itself in the tech media headlines, and gets priceless free publicity. The orchestration (and manipulation) of media coverage for Verizon iPhone 4 is a great example. For Apple, paying for advertising is merely a formality.

    Once the novelty of a “Verizon” iPhone 4 starts to wear off a bit, it’ll be time for iPad 2. And then, iPhone 5, with new Mac lineups to fill any “gaps” in media coverage. And if that’s not enough, let’s throw in Mac OS X Lion. And that just the next six months… 🙂

  2. While I sit here freezing my balls off fingering my iPhone 4 I see there a hardier souls than me out there willing to brave the cold for a piece of Apple pie. Bravo to these soldiers of tech.

    BTW where does the queue form for the Android phones? Answer: starting from the bottom of the Hudson River.

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