AT&T commits to Google Android phones and tablets

“Although AT&T has dabbled with Android in the past, the carrier is now dead serious about making sure that it has a range of products running Google’s operating system,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“While many will observe that the company’s interest in Android appears to be timed closely with the loss of its iPhone exclusivity, the company said the strategy shift has been in the works for many months and has more to do with the fact that the company is moving to faster networks and needs devices that will really tap their power,” Fried reports. “‘They create highly functional, highly capable smartphones that run really well with our network,’ [David Christopher, AT&T Wireless Chief Marketing Officer said]. ‘That hits the sweet spot of our network.'”

Fried reports, “Whatever the case, AT&T has committed to having a dozen new Android products this year, including both phones and tablets… including the Motorola Xoom that was announced at CES.”

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MacDailyNews Take: AT&T reads the writing on the wall.


  1. Verizon did the same thing, so has Sprint and T-Mobile. Not everyone wants an iPhone and all these companies can put their shitware on these phones and tablets.

    They are still carrying the iPhone and will push it also. But the difference is they get a bigger cut from selling android than iPhones and that goes for both Verizon and AT&T.

    It’s really not a diss at apple, just business.

  2. Droid fans say that AT&T did not sell many droids as AT&T droids suck vs those of Verizon but stats (from Asymco etc) show customers did NOT migrate to Verizon to go for ‘better’ droids BUT in reverse customers did go to AT&T for the iPhone (AT&T had a much much bigger net gain of customers than Verizon). This in spite of Verizon’s massive droid ad campaigns ($100 million for Moto droid 1 alone).

    So AT&T is not going to gain many Droid customers from outside. And trying to convert iPhone users with 90% satisfied ratings is not going to be easy.

    Perhaps they should push iPhone harder instead and get customers from Tmobile, Sprint etc.

  3. “MacDailyNews Take: AT&T reads the writing on the wall.”

    Yup. They finally realized how awesome Android is and that they shouldn’t rely on sales from just one great mobile OS.

  4. This makes sense for AT&T. Android sufferers don’t stress their network nearly as much as iOS users (for obvious reasons), and now that they’re not exclusive they don’t care (as much) if they offend Apple.

  5. I never thought AT&T really pushed the iPhone. Apple did most of the advertising.

    Let’s face it, Android phones need pushed by Mobile Mfg’s and the phone co’s, hence the 2 for 1 specials.

  6. This is too funny.
    But I guess they have no other choice than jumping on the bandwagon or they will be left in the dust by Verizon. But it’s still funny. Who ever does not have the iPhone ends up pushing Google Linux like mad INSISTING it’s just as good. LOL.

  7. @ yan and?

    I’m not so sure they get a bigger cut. Google Linux handsets has a much lower ASP thus less money for the carrier. Of course they have to subsidise more for the iPhone, at least from what I have red but I’m not sure they make more money with android because ten there would not really be any big business in having the iPhone. Verizon could just have said no and continued to push Google Linx phones.

  8. This has nothing to do with the iPhone on Verizon, migration or that Android is any good.

    Form a company point of view, you have the premium phone and not everyone needs an iPhone. SO, then you have the bottom of the barrel Android powered phones and Windows. There is nothing left to consider as an option.

  9. Did you expect anything different? ATT has to sell a broad range of products especially with the iPhone exclusivity gone.

    Apple can sell more phones with multiple carriers. They won’t beat Android in numbers but they will in profits and associated sales.

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