Eric Schmidt on Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple

“The media speculation about why Eric Schmidt is ceding the Google chief executive role to Larry Page is ‘completely false,’ Schmidt told a group of reporters Thursday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland,” Adam Lashinsky reports for Fortune.

Lashinsky reports, “Schmidt also challenged the assertion that Google is locked in a competitive battle with Facebook. ‘We have a competitor called Microsoft,” he said. “Microsoft has more cash, more engineers, more global reach. We see competition from Microsoft every day.'”

“Schmidt also took on Google’s competition with Apple. Google partners with Apple, he said, on search, maps and YouTube. It competes, of course, on phones. Google also might in theory compete with Apple’s Macintosh computer business with its Chrome OS hardware that Google hopes ‘to announce later this year,’ Schmidt said,” Lashinsky reports. “‘Steve is absolutely brilliant,’ said Schmidt, referring to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, where Schmidt was a longtime board member. ‘(He’s) the most successful CEO in the world anywhere.’ Comparing Apple’s iPhone and iPad platform to Android, he said: ‘They managed to build an elegant, scalable, closed system. Google is attempting to do something with a completely different approach.'”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, completely different: Android is messy, not very scalable (note the long and continuing wait for a true pretend iPad base don Android), and fragmented.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lydell C.” for the heads up.]


  1. Eric the Mole Schmidt is a d*uche bag.
    If you don’t have trust , you don’t have anywhere to go with a relationship.
    The worst possible quality in a CEO.
    But at least he is also an a*s and a jerk….his best qualities.

  2. I love how every johnny-come-lately thinks they are just going to jump into the hardware business and be successful.

    Yes, Facebook, please make a phone so we can laugh at it.

  3. “Open” means Google wants to spy on you. Everybody wants to paint Apple as “Big Brother” but, in fact, it’s the Google boys who want to track your every move. They’re the peeping toms of the tech world and nobody wants to see what’s under Schmidt’s trench coat.

  4. “MacDailyNews Take: Yes, completely different: Android is messy, not very scalable (note the long and continuing wait for a true pretend iPad base don Android), and fragmented.”

    Android is clean, efficient, and powerful.
    Any current Android OS works fine as a tablet (just like iOS works fine for both iPhone and iPad). The next Android (3.0) is being designed especially for tablets and will exceed iOS’s tablet capabilities.

    I will give you fragmented though.

  5. Schmidt is out because he couldn’t see forward more than 2 years – unlike Apple where Jobs has a long term vision.

    Schmidt drove Google into a dead end with Android that will take years to get out of – because all he could see was advertising profits for Google, with manufacturers making losses, developers unable to make money, and users locked into dead-end contracts with carriers, unable to upgrade their handsets. What a mess.

  6. @macfan101… “Android is clean, efficient, and powerful”? And here was me thinking it was dirty, inefficient and a complete mess, choking on the crap apps and wallpapers which make up 99% of the truly awful Android appstore (Google the search company can’t even come up with something to search their own store).

    Getting back to iOS after struggling with the Android f***-up is such a relief.

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