RUMOR: Apple to merge Safari and iTunes

ZaggMate“Apple may be preparing a massive move that will propel Safari from niche browser to market leader,” Mark Reschke reports for T-GAAP. “The move to merge Safari and iTunes into one software solution appears long in the works, which may arrive this fall at Apple’s usual iPod special event.”

“Safari’s weak market position allows for Google to make bold moves, as evidenced by their recent discontinuation of h.264 support within their Chrome browser in favor of its WebM video codec,” Reschke reports. “While this isn’t a direct affront to iTunes or Safari, it is an attempt to further alienate the iOS platform, which also damages Safari.”

Reschke reports, “It is believed that Safari will be the only browser able to access iTunes, as iTunes is built into the browser itself. ‘Moving iTunes organizational side-bar into Safari isn’t a monumental task’ claimed a source, adding ‘Safari would skyrocket in use as a result of integrating the software titles together.'”

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  1. Are you talking about iTunes the player of iTunes the (music/app/everything else) Store?

    I completely disagree with a music player merging with Safari.
    I can’t really complain for the Store as it’s merely that on iOS.

  2. Interesting idea, but why? If the primary reason is to force users to use Safari if they want access to iTunes, then that reason seems bogus. Many users, including Apple lovers, prefer other browsers over Safari. Why force customers into one product for no technological reason other than screwing Google. That just doesn’t seem like Apple’s way.

  3. Apple forcing people to use their browser to do things? Sounds eerily similar to how Microsoft used to behave. I wonder if people will have similar outrage to this? But since it’s Apple, probably not…

  4. @ericdano I wonderd about the possibility of Apple just buying the rights (or whatever it would be) for h.264 for MPEG-LA (.. is that the right group? I really shouldn’t have an opinion if I’m this clueless) and removing the royalties associated with it. I suppose it’s not that easy.

  5. I hope this rumor isn’t true. iTunes does too much as it is. It needs to spin off synchronization and the app store into separate applications. It wouldn’t hurt to separate music and videos, either.

    The only thing iTunes doesn’t do is word processing, it seems.

  6. 3 of the apps i have on my mac mini, is safari, itunes, app store. Why have 3 apps open at same time when you can have just one. Everything could be accessed by just clicking on a category like itunes is now. better yet, they can add the mail app inside it too

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