iOS 4.3 beta hints at Imagination Technologies’ next-generation GPU in future devices

ZaggMate“When it comes to the graphics performance on Apple’s iOS devices, the company has been sticking with the powerful POWERVR SGX535 GPU from Imagination Technologies for quite some time, introducing it on the iPhone 3GS and carrying it through into the company’s own A4 system-on-chip designs for the brains of the iPad and iPhone 4,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“But hints included in the new iOS 4.3 beta seeded to developers earlier this week indicate that Apple may be preparing to move to Imagination Technologies’ next-generation GPU architecture with the SGX543 on future devices,” Slivka reports. “The SGX543 is said to deliver performance of 35 million polygons per second and a filtrate of 1 billion pixels per second when running at 200 MHz, compared to 28 million polygons per second and a filtrate of 500 million pixels for the SGX535 running at the same clock speed. In addition, the SGX543 offers support for the Apple-backed OpenCL spec…”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple is not sitting on their laurels. If the competition thinks they have a chance of catching up with Apple, these little tidbits should be a wakeup call for them. Apple is two or three steps ahead.

  2. This will be greatly appreciated; especially for new games that can exploit the power of this GPU. I see the iPad taking a commanding and serious lead in mobile gaming when the new dual core processor and faster GPU make their appearance in iPad 2.

  3. Palaver,
    OK. You’re redeemed. Before, I thought you were talking about the desktop version but you’re talking about the mobile app. Still, I don’t have the problems that you’re describing on my iPhone 3GS.

  4. @Cubert
    No, I have problems w. DT iTunes, on iP4 it’s fine. It’s very slow, I gave up trying to arrange my apps. Also iTunes can not update my apps on DT, I get “We can’t complete your iTunes request, the network connection timed out”. Well, my connection is OK, I can browse apps, purchase and sinc. I can only update apps on the iP4 though and not from iTunes.
    Also free find my phone does not work because apple is not able to send verification email. WIP w. Senior Apple support for weeks but they still can’t find where is the problem.
    It’s annoying and irritating. Apple support pushed me (refused support otherwise) to buy $70 extended support … but still can’t resolve it.
    I have all latest SW installed (and reinstalled …) and good Internet and powerful machine. It’s iOS issue, likely some borderline but for me iTunes on the apps handling aspect, always had one issue or another. I have bad experience with it for a long time.
    I really hope Apple fixes this SW.

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