Apple to remove home button from future iPads and iPhones?

Apple Online Store“With Apple using the new developer build of iOS 4.3 to test new multi-touch gestures for accessing the home screen and switching between applications, speculation immediately arose that Apple might be considering doing away with the home button on the iPad as a means for shrinking the device,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

Slivka reports, “According to BGR, Apple is in fact contemplating doing just that, with both the iPad and iPhone being considered for home button removal. ‘We have exclusively been told that the reason Apple just added multitouch gestures for the iPad in the latest iOS 4.3 beta is because the iPad will be losing the home button. Yes, we are told that Apple, at some point in time, will remove the home button from the iPad’s design. Instead of button taps, you will use new multitouch gestures to navigate to the home screen and also to launch the app switcher. That’s not all, however. In addition to the home button disappearing from the iPad, we’re told that this change will make its way over to the iPhone as well.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Uh oh, if so: Grandma, we’ve got some training to do!


  1. Doubtful. I think the Home button will remain, along with these new gestures to access the Home screen.

    The iPhone needs the top and bottom “handles” as a way to hold the iPhone in landscape orientation, without touching or blocking the screen with your thumbs, so it won’t save any space to remove the button. The iPad needs all four sides for the same reason, so although they can get a bit thinner than on the first gen iPad, you are not going to see an iPad with the screen extending to the edge (so there will be plenty of space for a button).

  2. I can see how that would work 99 percent of the time, but it could also present problems. Let’s say you’re playing a game of some kind and in the process of playing swipe the screen in a way that causes it to think you want to go “home.”

    That would be annoying.

  3. This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all week, and when it’s comes to Apple, there is lots of dumb to go around.

    Seriously, how Manu of you are operating your iOS device with one hand right now? Dumb as shit, these guys.

  4. Makes sense in a minimalist kind of way. Apple’s been doing away with a lot of things, removing the user replaceable battery for instance, all in the name of user efficiency.

    On the other side of the burning bush, meanwhile, Google has been adding stuff to its Android phones, in complete contrast to Apple. I wouldn’t be surprised if they added a toilet flush button – to save you a bit of time as you flush the piece of shit down the crapper.

  5. If they did anything I think they would redesign the home button itself. I don’t even know why its an actual push button. They should make it just like their cinemas were with a flat button that you didn’t push in.. but you touched it. And it would work just like the home button does now.. and if anything it keeps it closed up more so one less chance of getting the button stuck. I know some people who have had a stuck button.. probably from spilling soda on it.. but that issue would go away with a “touch” button instead of a “push” button..

    just my 2 cents but I think it would be pretty cool to have a touch home button

  6. As others have said, this would be sweet on the iPad, but the iPhone needs some kind of home button, doesn’t have to be a physical button though. But you should be able to do almost everything on your iPhone with your thumb.

  7. I think it’s probably an additional method to get to the Home screen, but removing the Home button from the iPhone and iPod touch would be a mistake.

    Without a Home button, how in the world would I drive, text, make phone calls, and pull up Maps?!? All while drinking my morning coffee? Not to mention a good game of Sol Free . . . .

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