Three questions Verizon’s iPhone event needs to answer

Custom ZAGG Skins for iPhone 4!Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD, “Although there doesn’t seem to be much mystery about what will be unveiled on Tuesday, there are some important details not yet known about the inaugural Verizon iPhone.”

1. 4G or 3G, World phone or CDMA-only?
2. What features [if any] distinguish the Verizon iPhone from the iPhone 4?
3. Details, details, details (costs, preloaded apps, etc.)?

Read the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Steve Jobs has gone a long way to show businesses that Apple is a “Good Partner” with this in mind
    1) CDMA iPhone 4 will be added to the Verizon network with no exclusive partnerships perks networks will compete on service and plans
    2) in June a new IPhone 5 will be distributed to all carriers on an equal basis

  2. …”2. What features [if any] distinguish the Verizon iPhone from the iPhone 4?”

    Most likely, NONE. Among over one hundred carriers around the world that currently carry iPhone, there is not a single one selling an iPhone with specific, distinguishing features (compared to others). Unlike virtually EVERY other phone out there, iPhone is the ONLY mobile device that is IDENTICAL on every carrier that has it. Verizon, being just one of over hundred carriers, has no reason to be any different, despite how much our American readers here think of it.

  3. The big issue for me would be simultaneous use of voice and data. If this is not possible I would unfortunately have to stay with AT&T. So far I’ve heard that it won’t be.

  4. Where are all the VZ iPhone doubters now? You know, all the ones who would spam the MDN board everytime there was VZ iPhone info leaked? “CDMA iPhone not coming–Apple has a 5 yr contract etc” or “Iphone..coming to VZ since 2007”. They seemed so knowledgeable. Wha hoppen?

  5. …Where are all the VZ iPhone doubters now?

    Still here. Still skeptical. You could have read my still skeptical response yesterday. And day before that. Unfortunately, these days, it seems like Verizon is the only thing MDN seems to report on (Verizon Daily News, anyone?), and it just doesn’t make sense to repeat the same post in every thread.

    As I say (every day), we’ll see what happens today, but I will be the first to admit I was wrong about those rumours. If I end up being right, I’m sure I won’t need to come back and gloat (there will be others who will). You have to admit, after the first Verizon rumour appeared almost 4 years ago (as soon as the original iPhone was announced), they kept coming and coming. After four years, it becomes quite easy to dismiss them.

    Let us wait and see. Only a few more hours, folks!

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