RUMOR: LTE-based Verizon iPhone 5 parts leaked (with video)

“We have come across some leaked photos, from a very reliable source, of an unreleased iPhone design that may be the Verizon Wireless CDMA version of the current iPhone 4, a redesign of the current iPhone 4, or a new iPhone 5,” SmartPhone Medic reports.

“The biggest difference that we see in the designs are in the antenna,” SmartPhone Medic reports. “The new iPhone 5 or Verizon Wireless iPhone has four black bands separating the antennas where as the current iPhone 4 only has three. Is this a redesign to eliminate or decrease the effects of the attenuation issue the present iPhone 4 has or is it the design Verizon Wireless needed for its new LTE network?”

Full article here.

[Attribution: GadgetsDNA. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jax44” for the heads up.]


  1. The notion that change of place of plastic separators and an addition of another one is related to antenna “problem” is ignorant nonsense.

    The place for lower left separator, which could be “shorting” two antennas did not change.

  2. My guess is it will be called the iPhone 4G, and will work on both Verizon and AT&T.  I think iPhone 4, will still be AT&T only for $99, giving them an advantage for a year. I also think that the new iPad will also be 4G and will be introduced the same day, in a few weeks.  No one will pay attention to CES after that, and WWDC will be almost all Mac.

  3. @DeRS

    But with one more separator you got a second UMTS antenna part on the top of the device for a redundant reception design. So even if the bottom antenna is completely covered by your hand you will still got a strong signal.

  4. @wetfx Imagine the iphone 4 at $99?? Wow. I like what you’re suggesting but am curious about what reason there would be to launch the iphone 4G (as you’ve called it) on AT&T at all? At least right now. Do they have a 4G network?
    To expand on what you’ve said, (just to have fun guessing at stuff) how’s this:
    Early Feb Apple announces the new iPhone 4G for sale at current prices $199 and $299 (16/32GB) exclusive to Verizon. iPhone 4 stays exclusive on AT&T drops to $99 and $199 (16/32GB) and the 3GS stays $49 on AT&T.
    March/April iPad 2 also comes out with support for 4G/CDMA, no contract, can be activated on any US network.
    Then may/june iPhone 5 comes out for AT&T and Verizon (and maybe Sprint/Tmo) with 4G support for those networks and GSM support for AT&T.
    The only thing that makes me doubt that is that it doesn’t seem like Apple to jump on board so soon with new tech like that.. but at the same time, if they want to go to Verizon and make a big splash, why not?

  5. @peters: since left top separator is not actual separator, but decorative/false one, this does not help to deal with antenna “problem”.

    The only thing that actually happened with this redesign is that left, smaller antenna got bigger, and right, bigger antenna got smaller: they moved actual separator from right top of the phone to the top right place.

  6. @KSH: the new frame is not BS, because they moved volume buttons to allow larger space for bigger photo/video sensor: it is the only way to increase resolution of the sensor without shrinking size of the pixel — id est keeping iPhone’s superiority in quality of picture in darker surroundings.

  7. @observer
    It is *extremely* unlikely you will ever see a GSM/CDMA/LTE/WiMax phone which is necessary to support the four major phone carriers in the us in both 3G and “4G”. The four solution chip is just too power hungry for the foreseeable future. Sprint is the odd man out on this for “4G” service as they are the only one of the majors going with WiMax.

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