CES 2011: Verizon makes no mention of Apple iPhone

“In what should not be regarded as a surprise, Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg and other presenters during his keynote address at CES 2011 this morning made no mention of the possibility of the iPhone coming to Verizon,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“Seidenberg’s role as the primary keynote speaker for the event had sparked speculation that the forum could be used to introduce a Verizon iPhone, although most observers have long thought that such an introduction would take place at an Apple-controlled event headed by Steve Jobs,” Slivka reports.

“A CDMA version of the iPhone compatible with Verizon’s network is still widely expected to make its debut early this year, possibly within the next few weeks, but we have yet to hear word of any Apple media event that would presumably accompany the introduction,” Slivka reports.

Full article here.

CNN has additional coverage here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. Seidenberg was so desperate to get the iPhone he agreed on everything Jobs wanted, including withholding the announcement from the pointless, anti-Apple, microsoft-circle-jerk, called CES

  2. “He is ignoring me, therefore he surely likes me” is every teen girl’s (wishful) thinking when her crush doesn’t care about her.

    Verizon is not announcing because there may be nothing to announce (until 5-year exclusivity agreement with AT&T expires, early next year).

  3. What do you guys think of Google presentation at CES? Honeycomb is a clear rip off the iPod.
    What annoys me that the demoed the new version of the maps application. Some cool features like 3D building rotation they are purposefully keeping away from IOS platform. Shame, really. After all it was Apple who helped them develop the mobile version of Maps to begin with.
    Apple really needs to get into cloud space with search engine, map and email platform applications. These days cloud is more extension of operating system than in the past and they can’t afford outsourcing their future to Google and Co.

  4. @ Alex

    Google best be careful. Apple has acquired a company or two already that specializes in digital mapping and I think recently was hiring for that type of thing.

    If Google hogs what of value they offer to Apple, Jobs and Company have the resources to do whatever they want on their own.

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