Images claiming to be ‘iPad 2’ cases removed from websites

Apple Online Store“Protective cases purportedly made for a new version of the iPad, posted for sale on Chinese e-commerce site, have fueled some of the latest speculation about the rumored sequel to Apple’s red-hot tablet computer,” Owen Fletcher reports for The Wall Street Journal. “In fact, they drew enough attention that someone with pull appears to have objected to the listings.”

“Apple has yet to publicly disclose any plans for an iPad 2. But gadget bloggers in the last week seized on pictures from, a trading platform for smaller businesses in and outside China, as evidence of the new features that a second-generation iPad might have,” Fletcher reports. “In particular, they said the cases proved that the iPad 2 will include a camera on its back surface, since circular holes were depicted on the backs of the mostly silicon cases in the Alibaba listings.”

Fletcher reports, “But someone—it’s unclear who—doesn’t seem to appreciate all the attention: was asked to remove the listings. “We do not know whether these products are what they say they are, but we have received a legitimate takedown request and are removing the listings,” Alibaba Group spokesman John Spelich said Wednesday. Mr. Spelich declined to comment on the source of the request, and Apple did not reply to a request for comment… Asked how they knew the design details of the iPad 2, other merchants selling the cases on Alibaba declined to comment, or simply hung up immediately.”

Read more in the full article here.

Arnold Kim reports for MacRumors, “Meanwhile, recent 9to5Mac report with design images for the iPad 2 has also been pulled: ‘Update, we’ve been told (not so nicely) to remove those mold drawings because they are the property of someone else. We’ve complied.'”

Kim reports, “The images of the cases have already seen wide distribution and are even physically in the hand of some bloggers.”

Full article, with 9as of this moment) a YouTube video of the cases, here.


  1. Or it’s possible the design was completely wrong, so that’s why they removed the images, using the excuse that “someone” asked them to remove them to avoid embarrassment.

  2. “The images of the cases have already seen wide distribution and are even physically in the hand of some bloggers.” …
    What does this even mean? The pictures are “physically in the hand (sic) of some bloggers.” They printed out the pictures? … And? …

    If these are the images with the small “speaker grille” on the back lower left, they are clearly fake. Why would there be a speaker grille on the back – facing away from the user?

    I think they’re looking for hits, and/or the case designs are actually for fake “iPads” which are plentiful in the Chinese market.

  3. The rumors I’ve seen say the new iPad 2 will be 3 mm smaller in width and height. If that’s true, this orange case would be way too large. They placed a current iPad in this shell and it was larger all around.

  4. If one of the iPad 2 manufacturers ordered them to be removed, they’re probly trying to save face so that Apple doesnt get very very angry (since they are usually so tight-lipped about those products).

  5. @Matt

    “Sorry, Apple… You’re too late. It’s one of those situations where we’ve already seen it and now we can never un-see it.”

    Apple is working on a device that actually facilitates unseeability.

    Wait – what were we talking about?

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