Apple shares hit all-time high, what next?

Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac “Shares of iPhone maker Apple Inc. reached an all-time high of $325.72 on Wednesday’s regular trading session, after it said shipments of the second-generation version of Apple TV to exceed 1 million units this week,” Balasubramanyam Seshan reports for The International Business Times.

“Apple’s market cap hit $298.27 billion on Wednesday, leaving it ahead of rival Microsoft Corp. which has market cap of $241.16 billion, as the largest technology company in the world and second largest company in market capitalization,” Seshan reports. “In September, Apple overtook PetroChina Co. to become the world’s second largest company by market value. However, it still has to go a long way to surpass Exxon Mobil Corp. in the market capitalization where oil giant retains the top spot with a whooping $367.10 billion.”

Seshan reports, “Apple’s success has been largely credited to its co-founder Steve Jobs, who was named the world’s best performing CEO last year, according to January 2010 issue of Harvard Business Review.”

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  1. Every single item that I own made by Apple works better than expected. Call it iPhone, Mac, Time Capsule, Apple TV, you name it, they all work perfectly. They all also interact with each other in a way that only Apple has been able to achieve. No wonder there stock is climbing.

  2. I would like to take this time to wish you all a Happy Holiday season and a very Happy New year, especially but not limited to:

    Fred Mertz (Without you we would have 8,000 fewer articles to read)
    Jersey Trader
    and even you G4 Dualie

    You all have been coming here since I can remember and maybe even before.

    May 2011 be good to you and your families and may MDN finally get their Apps working properly.

  3. Enjoy the pre-Christian pagan darkest-days-of-winter (aka the solstice) feasting and boozing rituals everybody! Peace and love to all. Including the sociopathic rightwing bigots – who just need to love themselves a bit more! Hoho!

  4. I wonder why companies don’t split their stock any more. A share price as high as Apple’s once would have been a reason for a 10-for-1 split.

    Hell, you can almost buy an iPad for the price of one share of stock.


  5. LordRobin writes, “I wonder why companies don’t split their stock any more. A share price as high as Apple’s once would have been a reason for a 10-for-1 split.”

    Shares used to be commonly sold in 100-share blocks, and there was a price penalty for partial blocks. Today, one can buy even a single share without that penalty, and the whole transaction done electronically costs less than $10. Anyone who can’t afford one share of AAPL doesn’t belong in the market.

    Apropos, a single share of Berkshire Hathaway A currently goes for $119,665.

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