With Mac App Store, Apple will yet again change the world

Apple Online Store“Apple’s plan to launch an applications marketplace for Mac and MacBook owners is starting to crystallize,” Rick Aristotle Munarriz writes for The Motley Fool. “Come Jan. 6, Apple will officially roll out the Mac App Store.”

“There’s no denying that Apple’s original App Store is a smash hit,” Munarriz writes. “The fledgling iOS platform that powers iPhones, iPod touch media players, and now iPads created cottage industries for talented indie developers, and a new way for established companies to reach users on the move. Can the same iOS magic port over to Mac OS X?”

“For starters, what do you think will happen to the value proposition of Macs in general once developers begin cranking out cheap yet quality apps? Paying a premium for a Mac over PCs running Microsoft’s Windows 7 will become an easier justification for the masses,” Munarriz writes. “The developers will come. Apple’s offering a free-hosted platform where the software makers get a check for 70% of the sales revenue. There’s nothing like a cottage industry with free rent and a great view. “

Munarriz writes, “The revolution won’t end there, of course. More than a few tech giants have to be worried.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. You know, I think Fred Mertz is actually Steve Jobs in disguise. Think about it, have you ever seen the two of them together at the same time?

    Oh yeah, also, First in! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I don’t have an iPad and if it wasn’t the holiday season I would honestly download the App into iTunes with your free code. But, being that I love the holidays and honestly hate people pirating things or taking something they cant immediately use I will not be taking you up on the offer. The screen shots of your product look great none the less.

    Here’s hoping you have tremendous success.

  3. On topic, I think this is a great idea if only because, every time MDN posts one of those “Top Ten Applications for the Mac” articles, I’ve never heard of ANY of them. Macs come with so much great software, they seem to do everything you could want right out of the box. So I’m never looking for new software. This will create a fantastic showcase for Mac developers to reach average consumers like me.

  4. How soon before Microsoft announces a “Windows app” store? I figure they’ll have to if they want to maintain the illusion of competing. I also figure it will suck.


  5. Christian, there was a post from someone giving away four free copies of their iPad App “Percent Ultimate”. They listed four redemption codes, gave a Merry Christmas and then MDN erased the post.

    I experienced the same situation when I would post my website address. NO SPAMMING MEANS NO SPAMMING.

  6. The Mac App Store Eco-System will be dramatically different than iOS App Store – Aside from jailbreaking, the only place to get an iOS app is the App Store. But with the Mac, a developer can choose to put an App on the store, and take 70% revenue… but once they’ve made a name for themselves – “Bye Bye Mac App Store!” They’ll be selling their apps off their own website for 100% revenue.

    Quality developers won’t stick around. Or will they?

    It depends on what it costs to maintain their own store. So what you’re saying might be true for an already established Software developer who already has their own infrastructure, but for a development company that doesn’t have the existing infrastructure or is paying another company to host their online sales, this could be a better deal for them.

    it really depends on the amount of return they currently get versus the 30% that Apple charges. It could actually be cheaper since they do not have to maintain a datacenter, a point of sale system, and the headcount to support those items. With Apple, their sells costs are simply the 30% off their retail price, whereas with their own infrastructure its possible that its higher.

    Depending on other factors that are unique to each software company, it could actually be cheaper to pay Apple the 30% instead of maintain their own online sales channel.

  8. @Netcruiser99:

    Not only is Apple’s Mac Store a potentially cheaper way for developers to sell their products, it also gives developers access to a much larger potential market than they could possibly reach through their own marketing efforts, no matter how well-established they are. It’s really a win-win for everyone concerned except myopic developers who can’t see the bigger picture.

  9. @ Jfdi
    “Change the world? Cmon MDN… Really”

    Yes, it’ll change the world if it’ll keep track of my serial numbers, et cetera and give me immediate access to my purchased apps. I bought an app a few weeks ago that took me over 48 hours to get the darn thing registered so I could use it. I’ll like purchase EXCLUSIVELY from the store as I DESPISE these hassles.

    Also, if I can purchase the program once and use it on my other Macs, that would be a winner.

    “Apple’s plan to launch an applications marketplace for Mac and MacBook owners is starting to crystallize”. WTF? MacBook owners can use the store, too? I thought it was just for Macs. Is the author somehow implying that MacBooks can run Mac software? Without jailbreaking?

    “Linux has had this for a long time.. I’m surprised Apple is just getting it now..”. I heard both Linux users have used it, too. 100% participation. Awesome!

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