Obama meets with Bill Gates, Warren Buffett to discuss how to expand economy

“President Barack Obama met billionaire philanthropists and businessmen Warren Buffett and Bill Gates on Tuesday for a conversation that touched on how to expand the economy, the White House said,” Reuters reports.

MacDailyNews Take: Asking a thief and a famed investor (who ought to know better, but may be more than a touch batty nowadays) for economic expansion advice? What advice did Gates offer, “Copy Apple and illegally abuse the resultant monopoly, it worked like gangbusters for me?”

Reuters reports, “Gates’ wife Melinda was also at the meeting, which focused on an initiative to encourage the wealthiest Americans to give the majority of their wealth to charity.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Oh, for Jobs’ sake. Note to Melinda the former MS Bob manager and the rest of the esteemed panel: No economy has ever been driven by having the “wealthiest give the majority of their wealth to charity.” It’s patently unsustainable.

That said, if Gates and Buffett want to give all of their vast wealth to the U.S government to pay down the national debt, by all means have at it! Let’s see… that’s $45 billion for Buffett and – wow! – $54 billion for Gates, so that’s $99 billion to subtract from $13.853 t-t-t-trillion *gack!* or, in other words, Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffett’s entire fortunes combined are a meaningless drop an ocean of U.S. debt plus there’s the added bonus that two more potential job producers will be broke and therefore no longer able to produce jobs. Wonderful. Great idea, Melind! Sheer genius.


  1. This shows that Obama has no clue. Buffet and Gates, who want to give money away…….thats a solution there. Instead of investing it and starting new businesses…..

    When are we just going to call this recession a depression?

  2. Predictably floundering neophyte with a huge chip on his shoulder who’s under the influence of failed politcal/economic theory while saddled with an unwarranted ego the size of the solar system is elected U.S. President.

    What could go wrong?

  3. I gots to agree- the fact that Jobs was not part of this congregation is a glaring and obvious black mark against any progress ever happening with this administration.

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