Google unveils Cr-48 Chrome OS testbed netbook; most Chrome netbooks delayed to mid-2011

“Google at its Chrome event today unveiled Cr-48, a testbed netbook for Chrome OS. The 12-inch system is designed for early adopters willing to use Chrome OS in its beta state. It comes completely unbranded and has design touches rare on other netbooks, including an Apple-style clickable trackpad and a full keyboard that omits some traditional keys, such as Caps Lock and function keys,” Electronista reports.

“As part of the news, however, Google revealed that its plans had been set back for a commercial launch. It admitted that some features, such as Cloud Print and USB storage, were in beta or otherwise unfinished,” Electronista reports. “There was ‘some time left to go,’ it said. Acer and Samsung had committed to launching Chrome OS systems but now won’t ship them until mid-2011, or almost a year later than planned. ARM also would have to wait for future development, but the platform isn’t locked to x86.”

Electronista reports, “The goals set back competition with Apple and Microsoft. Windows had already been in the same space through netbooks, but Apple is already preempting the the ultra-lightweight, web-focused category with the iPad and more recently the 11-inch MacBook Air.”

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  1. Google is starting to become a joke. Everything they come out with is in a half-ass, beta state. We used to think that people at this company were smart, but now I’m beginning to wonder.

  2. don’t forget guys, they HAVE to release this stuff early, so that users can start using it (eg. the chrome web store), that will encourage devs to jump in, and later hardware partners…

    Something has to kickstart the whole ball of wax

  3. Java (droid) will be better than a web browser but they know elisson will winnthatmone. They are between a rock and a hard place. They know a web browser will fail. So they do this dog and pony show while looking for an alternative. If they do push the web browser, it will be dead on arrival no matter how much money they give the media whores.

  4. You people need to get a grip with the everyone is copying apple nonsense.
    “First its OMG look at that Tablet it looks like the Ipad with its rectangular shape and its power buttons and its screen. I mean its looks just like the ipad”
    – Well tell me what is a tablet suppose to look like, a freaking sphere? Its a TABLET. Just like all TV’s look a like, Just like all Lap Tops looks a like and just like all web browsers look a like, all tablets are going to look a like.

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