Olivier Sanche, Apple’s Global Data Center Director, dead at 41

Olivier Sanche, Global Data Center Director at Apple Inc., died of a heart attack on Thanksgiving Day at age 41.

On his blog LooseBolts, Michael Manos writes, “The data center industry has suffered a huge loss this holiday weekend with the passing of Olivier Sanche, head of Apple’s Data Center program. He was an incredibly thoughtful man, a great father and husband, and very sincerely a great friend.”

“Olivier was the type of person who could light up a room with his mere presence. It was as if he embraced the entire room in one giant hug even if they were strangers. He could sit quietly mulling a topic, pensively going through his calculations and explode into the conversation and rigorously debate everyone. That passion never belied his ability to learn, to adapt, to incorporate new thinking into his persona either,” Manos writes. “Through the years we knew each other I saw him forge his ideas through debate, always evolving. Many people know the public Olivier, the Olivier they saw at press conferences, or speaking engagements, and the like. Some of us, got to know Olivier much better… You could always count on Olivier to be a warm and calming force. He was incredibly intelligent, and although he might disagree, you could count on him to champion the free discussion of ideas.”

Mano writes, “More information about memorial services and the like will be coming out shortly and they are trying to get the word out to all of his friends. The world has lost a great mind, Apple has lost a visionary, His family has lost their world, and I have lost a good friend. Adieu, Dear Olivier, You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.”

Full blog post here.

Along with some heartbreaking photos of Sanche and his daughter Emilie, Dave Ohara blogs, “His daughter Emilie is the same age as my daughter (both born in Sept 2001) and was Olivier’s inspiration to green the data center… Olivier loved being at Apple as he could do things he could get done no where else. He had vision, passion, and drive to do the right thing, especially for the environment. One of the sadder parts is Olivier couldn’t talk about what he was doing at Apple, but we had many other data center things we could talk about without touching on any Apple topics.”

Ohara writes, “My trips to San Jose are going to be one of my saddest trips for a long time as I know I can no longer visit my dear friend Olivier. But what is even sadder is thinking of Emilie no longer having her awesome Dad.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Gone too soon. Our condolences to the Sanche family. R.I.P., Mr. Sanche.

So that some good may come out of this tragic event, donations can be made online to The American Heart Association here.

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  1. 41 is no age to pass away and – from the article – he will be a loss to his young family.

    As a portly 48-year old, this is the kind of story that keeps me working at my new goal of developing a moderate level of fitness – the typical IT lifestyle of sitting at a desk alternating between eating badly and then too richly is an accident waiting to happen.

  2. Always sad to hear a loss, especially in a more closely knit community like Apple. My condolences to the family and friends and coworkers affected, and I hope that your cherished memories of him and experiences with him will always have a place in your hearts.

  3. Simply horrible. Thanksgiving will never be the same for his family and friends.

    Like MCCFR, I am 48.
    I quit drinking 5 years ago and smoking 4 years ago.
    Oddly enough, as a result, my blood pressure rose until now I take Benicar 20 to control it.

    Life is too short to live unhealthy….

  4. It looks like his short time on this earth was fruitful at least. That’s all one can ask for, a little space to enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. You never know when the end is near. Time is the most precious resource and we waste far too much of it, myself included.

    May he rest in peace. May God bless him and his family.

  5. Another 48-year old here… Having been blessed with a healthy, sprightly metabolism (and habits), I can’t complain (yet), but it disturbs me nonetheless to already see my peers around me eulogised.

    It looks like the generation of people born at a time when JF Kennedy was the American president is coming to an age where some of the things we did during 80s and early 90s are beginning to become larger and larger parts of our regrets. At least we can consider ourselves fortunate enough to live in the time of Lipitor (or Crestor), so at least that one is there to save a good number of us for untimely demise. Unfortunately, it didn’t (or couldn’t) help Mr. Sanche.

  6. A portly 54 year old here who sits behind the one-eyed monster for too many hours in a day. Pat Burns, a great (but portly) NHL coach also passed away at 58 from his initial colon cancer.

    This is what is driving me to smarten up and do something about my own health…and this MDN story helps to re-inforce it. Its no longer about myself, its also for my kids and wife.

  7. I am 64 and in the last 12 months I have lost 45 pounds… Changed my way of looking at food, got up from my desk and stretched and went for walks.

    Fit into clothing that hasn’t fit for 15 years.

    I am sad to hear that Oliver Sanche has died. I am reminded of John Donne’s poem – No Man Is An Island…

    We are all connected.
    Rest in peace, Oliver.

  8. As a person who leads a fast-paced, stress-filled existence every day at work (as well as most evenings and a lot of weekends), this scares the crap out of me.

  9. Condolences to La Famille Sanche.

    I am 52 and fit, yet my cholesterol level is now in danger territory. High cholesterol can lead to heart disease.

    Diet, exercise and rest. Striking a delicate balance with these three can be challenging!

    In the mean time, the iPhone 4 app “Heart Rate” is a free app that’s handy for a quick pulse check. I’m at 68 bpm.

    A votre sante, y’all!

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