Macworld UK reviews Apple’s 27-inch LED Cinema Display

Apple LED Cinema Display (27“If you’re a fan of the 27in iMac, but don’t want to give up the portability of your MacBook Pro or expandability of your Mac Pro, Apple thinks you’ll love its new 27in LED Cinema Display. The display is basically a 27in iMac without the computer, matching the iMac closely in both specifications and design,” James Galbraith reports for Macworld UK.

“Apple’s 27in LED Cinema Display makes a good companion to any Mac with a Mini DisplayPort connection, but is especially well suited to portable Mac users who can take advantage of the MagSafe power connector and the display’s USB ports to attach keyboards and other peripherals,” Galbraith reports. “Its glossy screen and lack of easily accessible colour and ergonomic adjustments might turn off some users, though.”

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  1. Apple made a big mistake with this one (along with several smaller ones, but I’ll let others bemoan the glossy screen and lack of stand adjustments, firewire ports, USB 3.0 and rocket launchers).

    The cable has a 12″ segment with a MagSafe connector at the end for connecting to a MacBook. That’s great, but for those of us with desktop AND laptop computers, its a tragic waste, because with the display plugged into the back of your desktop, that connector can’t reach your laptop So you’re still forced to pull out your laptop’s power brick to have it charging on your desk. If the MagSafe connector had been separate (or if there were a MagSafe-to-MagSafe adapter, like the third-party one that Apple recently crushed) life would be simpler and more elegant. Hopefully they’ll fix it in future versions.

  2. Color, etc is adjusted by the OS. It’s in System Preferences under Displays ( go figure ).
    I own a 24″ LED Cinema and my only complaints about the 27″ are these:
    1- No Apple remote IR receiver. At this price point that’s just being effing cheap. I had to dig out an old Keyspan USB reciever and buy Remote Buddy in order to use an Apple Remote with my Mac Pro.
    2- They have knocked off one of the USB connections on the back of the display. Again, effing cheap.
    3- No HDMI connection without an adapter. Again, effing cheap.
    4- The built in speakers are weak, flat and far below what the iMac puts into the same space. Again, effing cheap.

    Apple has been getting kind of chintzy on stuff like this lately & I am not amused. At the price point Apple can do much better & still turn a solid profit.

  3. @shit box, I felt that way at first, when I was first considering using an iMac for professional design work.

    I though a MacBook would be too under-powered as well.

    But you know what? I was wrong on both counts.

    The MacBook Pros are so capable, and this display is so much better than the old “pro” monitors I used to use, the gloss not even an issue.

    Apple’s “consumer” stuff is just orders of magnitude batter than the “pro” equipment from even a half-generation ago.

  4. CRTs had semi matte finishing on the glass- at least the stuff sold to businesses.
    In a previous life I admined a UNIX system in a large regional Med Ctr- in house SW that did stuff a lot of commercial stuff today does not do as well- and all of our terminals ( Burroughs B25s) had reduced glare screens. This was back in the mid 1980’s…

  5. I’m a professional photographer and had reservations before I purchased the 24″ cinema display with all the vitriol over the glossy screen. I’ve made some small tweaks to my office and had no troubles. I close the blinds and shoot a goose- neck lamp at the ceiling for a soft dispersed ambient light environment. I’ll purchase the 27″ on black friday.

  6. Chris Rose: I will never, ever, buy one of these glossy screens…

    I have, I’m working on the iMac27″ all day and it’s not a problem for me at all.

    Chris Rose: All my MacBook Pros have the “anti-glare” screens

    So does my MacBook Pro, but in either case it’s a tradeoff – you trade clarity, sharpness and contrast range for diffused reflections. Note that matte displays don’t eliminate reflections, they just diffuse them, reducing overall contrast in the process.

    Chris Rose: The glossy ones suck if you’re a pro, having to work with them all the time. The reflections drive you nuts!

    Rubbish. I’m most certainly a pro (at least the people paying me money for my work seem to agree to that) and it’s not a problem.

    You simply need to differentiate between different kinds of usage and correspondingly different types of display finish being more or less appropriate.

    If it is a large part of your job to edit images all day long, many of these with subtle structures in very dark areas and your working environment not being up to professional standards (such as the monitor reflecting a window behind your back), a glossy display might actually interfere with your work by showing some reflections.

    But simply with proper placement it is just not a problem for the vast majority of applications. With regular browser and document windows open, I never notice any reflections, even at my regular mid-range brightness setting which is plenty for me.

    Even a matte display suffers from major loss of contrast under disadvantageous lighting. Even more so than a glossy one, actually, since its contrast degrades even with light from the side to which a glossy display is mostly insensitive.

    I’ve chosen a matte display on my MacBook Pro since one of my uses for it is to make presentations right on it, which would make it harder to turn away reflections for all the audience at once. Apart from that I may go glossy with my next one after having used the iMac 27″ for about a year now and finding it simply unproblematic.

    People should really stop whining so much and start looking at it a bit more with open eyes.

  7. Doncha just love the Johnny Ive design philosophy?

    Can’t get a decent signal on your iPhone?
    “Duh – you’re not holding it right!”

    Can’t get a reflection free picture on your iMac screen?
    “Duh – you’re not in a dark enough room!”.

    LOL! Modern Apple – full of excuses as it pushes junky form over function at a premium to ‘wannabe’ pros.

    Thank goodness there are some serious pro monitor makers out there.

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