Apple releases second iOS 4.2 gold master to developers

“Apple on Friday released a second gold master of iOS 4.2, its forthcoming software update, which may address Wi-Fi connectivity issues some have reported with the iPad,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“The new build, dubbed 8C134b, has replaced the previous gold master released to developers on Nov. 1,” Oliver reports. “Typically a gold master issued to developers is identical to the version that eventually becomes the final release.”

Oliver reports, “It is unknown what changes have been made in the second gold master, though it’s possible the latest version could be to address Wi-Fi issues that some users experienced with the pre-release build. Recent reports have claimed that Apple hoped to release iOS 4.2 sooner, but was forced to push back the launch to address issues with the software. However, Apple still remains on track for its promised launch window of November.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. @VOR
    I believe that you paint with far too broad of a brush. There are plenty of very reasonable and well-informed Apple fans.

    There are *plenty* of obnoxious people to go around. While I’ll admit that Apple fans can be overly sensitive to criticism sometimes, many of us have justifiably developed at least a minor persecution complex from years upon years of Wintel FUD piled on top of second-class treatment by Microsoft while being forced to deal with it by myopic corporate policies.

    No one is perfect (including you). Your statements regarding Apple are valid and mirror similar ones that I have made in the past. But Apple generally does a good job of fixing things.

  2. @ silverhawk
    One of the first things you need to do is close all open applications, the best way to do that is do a restart and then go directly to the installer. Most installers won’t function if the app that needs to be upgraded is open. How many upgrades have you done? This is basic Mac 101, go to help on the task bar look up install.

  3. @KingMel. I should have said “some Apple fans” which would have been an accurate statement. You’re correct in that how I worded it the brush was too broad. Also you make some good points about how Apple fans suffered a lot of Microsoft FUD over the years. I still think we need to be less extreme in our response. The market will take care of the ones putting out weaker products. Just look at how Firefox adoption has spurred IE to be refreshed. Apple’s share of the pie is growing. I just want it to grow in class. That’s my personal opinion, and I realize others don’t see it that way. You’ve helped me understand a little better as to why that is. Thanks for being a “voice of reason”!

  4. @silverhawk
    You can’t speak english, your retarded, or you’ve got a Gerbil up your butt. pick one and take a long walk of a short pier troll. A mind is a horrible thing to waste, but in your case thats not a problem. Oh and while your at it STFU.

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