Apple launches iTunes movies, Apple TV internationally

“Apple has at last begun a proper international roll-out of its iTunes Movie Store, and with it the Apple TV. Just five years after video was first available in iTunes, non-US customers can buy and rent films,” Charlie Sorrel reports for Wired.

“The extent of this new wave is not entirely clear. Spain has movies to buy and rent, and the rumors says that Taiwan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Portugal, and Belgium are also on the list,” Sorrel reports. “There are a few non-US countries, like the UK and Germany, which already have access to video.”

Sorrel reports, “The Apple TV is also showing up in online Apple Stores.”

Full article here.


  1. @Catseyeh
    I’ve been to Quebec and Montreal a couple of times. It’s foreign enough. Pretty cold in January too (especially for a Southern California native)!

    @Xavier: The way it is written is not wrong, but might have been phrased differently. The meaning is Only a few countries other than the US, such as the UK and Germany, already had the video access.

  2. Now if Apple gets movie downloads to work in the U.S. we’d be all set.

    Last night I tried to rent a movie on my new Apple TV and it told me it would take 230 minutes to download before I could watch it.

    I am not alone. Apple’s support boards are filled with people complaining that they have the same problem.

  3. Movies have appeared this week in the Swiss iTunes store. However, Apple seem to have made a hash of it. On the Mac there is no separate list foe films as there is in the US/UK. You can search by name or you have to click on the revolving advert. Not that practical and I hope that’ll be fixed in the forthcoming iTunes update. Even worse is iTunes on the iPhone/iPad where there is also no list for films nor an advert and the only way to locate a film is to do a search by name! Come on Apple, you’re betterr than this! Oh, and can we have some books in the bookstore, too? We’ve only got the freebies, no new books at all!!

  4. Further to my above post, I have now installed iTunes 10.1 and have, as a result, gained the ability to browse films through a separate list (we now have Music, Films, Apps Store, Podcasts, Audiobooks, iTunes U & Ping). This is still only the case on the Mac, though – the iPhone and iPad still lack this option but I guess that will be fixed in iOS 4.2 (the ability is there when I switch to my UK account, just missing on my Swiss one)!!

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