TechRepublic reviews Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air: The ultimate small form-factor notebook

Apple Online Store“The MacBook Air 11-inch is a good fit for road warriors who want a top quality laptop in a small, light, and super-thin package. Users interested in the Mac Book Air will need to be able to access all of their business apps from Mac OS X and be able to justify the premium price for the superior build quality and portability,” Jason Hiner reports for TechRepublic.

“The most surprising aspect of the 11-inch MacBook Air is how fast it open programs and web pages. It performed respectably in Macworld’s benchmarks comparing it to other Macs, but in real world tests it felt faster than most of the computers I use on a regular basic (PCs, Macs, desktops, laptops, etc.),” Hiner reports. “That can mostly be attributed to the Air having flash-based storage that is integrated into the system at a deeper level than the standard flash-based hard discs.”

Hiner reports, “The MacBook Air 11-inch is the ultimate small form-factor laptop and it will naturally appeal to a lot of executives and road warriors in business. IT departments could certainly use a high-quality system that they could deploy to some of their most mobile professionals that need a mix of durability, portability, and performance.”

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  1. I’ve recently worked at several fortune 500 banks and have seen plenty of VP’s with new MacBooks sitting up front. May not always be a MacBook Air but easy enough other Apple branded notebooks to demonstrate quite convincingly that Macs have already landed back in the enterprise with a considerable bang. It’s not unreasonable to think that IT generally does whatever VP’s tell them to do.

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