Microsoft launches Windows Phone ‘07 in U.S. and pretty much nobody shows up

“The Windows Phone 7 US launch today has been marked by very small lineups,” Electronista reports. “A handful of reports so far have shown lines of a dozen or fewer people at major stores on the West coast.”

“Microsoft has also faced a symbolic loss with one anecdote of the Microsoft Store in Denver having no line at all,” Electronista reports. “Microsoft is believed to be spending $500 million in marketing just for the holidays to try and drive early sales.”

Electronista notes, “Apple had some of its longest lines to date for the iPhone 4 and, at flagship stores like 5th Avenue in New York City and London’s Regent Street, had lines that persisted for several hours after the doors opened with hundreds or thousands in queues.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Now that’s a funeral!


  1. I like the Win Phone 7. I think they have some cool ideas. I won’t give up my iPhone 4 for it. But I think Apple could look at a few things they’re doing and improve what they have now.

    Like a real lock screen and better notifications.

  2. I feel sorry for the news reporters sent to the MS stores to cover the “story.”

    “Hi, we’re down here at the Microsoft Store for the the big launch, and, well, nothing much to report. Back to you in the studio…”

    It’s kind of like getting stuck reporting on Groundhog Day.

  3. @ ChrissyOne, It usually takes about a year to build a market as in a physical place where traders can hawk their wares, I am thinking of markets where market traders either wholesale or retail to the public with an element of ‘open air’ environment.

    It takes a hell of a lot longer to develop footfall, brand loyalty & reliable customer service. Is this last situation what you were alluding to?

  4. One of the news articles starts with

    “The early days of Windows Phone 7 have been marked by international shortages, info from carriers revealed this weekend.”

    …. Maybe Microsoft finally caught on… and KNEW that they wouldn’t sell more than 100 of these…. so they only created 50….. Trying to play the PALM game……. I wonder if they sold all 50 though……

  5. The disparity kinda reminds me of the launch of Windows ’95 – only the tables have turned – Apple is the one with lines around the block and Microsoft is the one flailing around. Only with Microsoft, there is nothing to “restore” the way Apple did. Microsoft’s success was always due to some underhanded scheme they used to grab it – not earn it.

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