Adobe considers possibilities for iPhone and iPad integration with Photoshop

“For several months, Adobe has been thinking about how it can involve the iPad and other tablet devices in the workflows of Photoshop users, asking users for feedback on what sorts of capabilities they might like to see,” Eric Slivka reports for Mac Rumors.

“Building on that feedback, the company has now taken its first steps in that direction, as evidenced by a pair of brief demos at last week’s Adobe MAX conference in which Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch showed off the company’s content-aware fill tool running on a Samsung Galaxy Tab and a color-mixing paint palette application running on an iPad,” Slivka reports. “Adobe’s John Nack has also noted that the company’s designers have begun mocking up other tools that could allow the iPhone and iPad to serve as extensions of Photoshop running on a desktop or notebook computer.”

Full article, replete with screenshots, here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “James W.” for the heads up.]


  1. A lot of Photoshop work is very simple stuff. However to be able to use Photoshop from an iOS device, we need a method to import/export. Thus FTP is a MUST as well as other send/receive/upload/download options.

  2. @ macslut

    Several apps like GoodReader (which is much better than ‘Good’) have built-in servers, so the equivalent of FTP is already being done. The question is can Adobe do it (without screwing it up and in a reasonable time frame)? Since they still — after several *years* of bug reports — haven’t been able to handle case-sensitive file systems with Reader, I really doubt Adobe’s ability and/or will.

  3. Doesn’t seem like Adobe is seeing the big picture. A finger painting pallet for Photoshop on a laptop or desktop? If you want an attached, touch palette, buy a Wacom Bamboo for a third of the cost and design it for that. Photoshop for the iPad, as in mobile for photographers.

  4. @Hm,

    I love GoodReader. It’s on the home screen of both my iPhone and iPad. Yes, something like that would work, but I agree…I don’t think Adobe will get this right.

    Ideally, I’d really like to see Apple offer a shared sandbox, so apps can be productive for their purpose and other apps can deal with the FTP.

  5. I don’t want Photoshop on my iPad. I can’t calibrate an iPad. Why would I want Photoshop? I want Lightroom. I just want to catalogue & do a ball park process of my Raw files.

    Heavy lifting and big Photoshop files (mine can get well over 2 gig) I’ll work on back in my studio. I want to check for sharpness, detail and check the histograms at a bigger size than my camera back.

    I would like to use an iPad for tethered/untethered control of my camera on a tripod. That I can use.

  6. Max

    You already can control a camera with an iOS device. Well some model cameras anyway. (if they are still on the app store anyway)

    Photoshop on iPad… From anyone else other than adobe, sure. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  7. @ Backlash

    That’s not what Max is talking about. Controlling the camera from the camera actually works pretty well, you’ll find. What Max (and myself) would like is a RAW viewer/editor to work on those files once they’re shot. Apple already makes a card reader and USB adapter for the connection. All we need now is ACR porter to iPad and some subset of Lightroom functionality for doing basic edits, cropping, changing metadata, and such. Hopefully without having to copy the files to the iPad and just saving out sidecar files to the card.

  8. OK. Here goes I hope I can get this right. Currently I am using an older Nikon D200 – No LiveView – hopefully an upgrade in the coming year.

    Part 1. I want to use the iPad to trigger the camera tethered as I would with my Mac the files arrive in a folder (0n my Mac it’s called Tethered = funny that) I look at them in Bridge and then import them into Lightroom. I could choose to automate that. Recently Photoshop has become a Lightroom plugin for when I’m doing something major to files. Lightroom is now my front end.

    I’d like to to trigger the camera untethered sic. WiFi from my iPad and have the camera WiFi the files back to my iPad. Or even just WiFi the files to my iPad from the camera while I’m shooting hand held. The control interface needs to be pretty comprehensive for remote triggering. I’ve not seen anything yet.

    Part 2. If Adobe produced a Lightroom based app. that I could process Raw files on location and transfer them to my back at base machine with adjustments or upload Raw files (not just little jpegs) to a Dropbox style server. Everything would back at on my machine at home from location.

    I don’t want to carry a laptop, when an iPad could do. Even the small MacBook Air is more than I want. I really don’t want Photoshop on an IPad. It just wouldn’t be the same as back at base with my dual monitor, all my scanners (I’ve ended up with 4) my Canon iPF5000 printer and a big comfy chair etc etc etc.

    If Adobe aren’t capable of it, can Apple give me an Aperture style App. for location collating and Raw processing? I’d pay serious money for that. Way above the dinky little current photo Apps, fun though they are.

    I hope that all makes sense. Sorry for such a big post.

  9. Finally.. The Lightroom app is more important than the tethered/untethered control. That would be just a very cool to have, though. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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