No, the Verizon iPhone is not coming on November 9th

MacNN reports, “Rumors briefly sparked overnight of an early Verizon iPhone launch that were discredited today with a countering leak. Following a memo that an ‘Iconic Device’ would start pre-orders at Verizon on November 9, speculation had surfaced at TUAW that it was an Apple handset; the device has since been revealed to be the Motorola Droid Pro.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, a “Droid Pro.” For professional settlers who can’t wait 60 or so days for the real thing.


  1. Can’t come soon enough for some. A close friend bucked my advice and got a droid x from Verizon. I was playing with it last night and it is a god awful experience.

    Great for pirates, came pre-installed with some music downloading app that you could just search and download whatever tunes you wanted, no credit card required. Getting to apps was a confusing and multistep process, customizing apps varied from app to app in a counter-intuitive way. All around I would say it sucks big turd.

  2. Someone bought some Apple stock, started a rumor, and sold it quickly to make a few bucks.

    It’s one of the few drawbacks of our market system — that all you need to make money is to: 1) Have money and 2) Lack ethics.

  3. It’s like everyone in the media has forgotten about that pesky contract between Apple and AT&T.

    I wonder what the excuses will be when we don’t see a Verizon iPhone in January and all of the rumored CDMA iPhones are headed to China?

  4. @MacTony

    Have you SEEN the contract? Do you know PRECISELY what it says? Do you see AT&T responding to the rumors of a Verizon iPhone with denials, or responding by broadening their available models from other companies?

    The bottom line: unless you’ve got a copy of the contract, and you’re qualified (i.e., you’re a contracts attorney) to say what the contract really says that Apple can and can’t do, then you really don’t know for sure.

    MW: And that’s the TRUTH.

  5. I sincerely hope that the runup of 7.00 today wasn’t because people thought that the announcement would be on Tuesday for the iPhone.
    Anyone with half a brain would have looked at the release dates for Motorola and link this with the Verizon announcement.

    Apple would NEVER let another company announce their intentions first. There are probably a bunch of shorts just waiting for this moment.

  6. @emmayche

    Have I seen the contract? Nope. Have I seen the report where Apple confirmed it… yep.

    “The duration of the exclusive Apple-[AT&T] agreement was not ‘secret’ either. The [plaintiff] quotes a May 21, 2007 USA Today article – published over a month before the iPhone’s release – stating, “AT&T has exclusive U.S. distribution rights for five years-an eternity in the go-go cellphone world.”

    It could have been modified. But, according to court documents , it was a 5 year deal.

  7. emmayche:

    Earlier this year, when AT&T and Apple were involved in the anti-trust investigation related to the iPhone exclusivity, among the mountain of documentation submitted to the court was the 5-year exclusivity agreement. It is out there, for everyone to see.

    I cannot believe people continue to ignore this bit of info. They’d rather plug their ears and yell “La, la, la, I can’t hear you!”, rather than accept the likelihood of iPhone exclusivity in the US for one more year.

  8. Boo YAH!! Mac Tony hit the nail on the head. These rumors are being coming from the very same people who could of gave a shit about Apple 2 or 3 years ago. So for them to jump on the bandwagon and put Apple in their analyst column and try to perceive what Apple should do is utter bullshit.

    I’d stick to your tech sites that have a good rumor track record, Boy genius, engadget, gizmodo(i know don’t hate, but still ok trac) DIGG, to get your Apple rumors. And they have only been re-chirping what the big news folks have been saying. It makes no sense for apple to start selling iPhone on Verizon for many reason in Q1 for many reason, the phone is already on the downhill side of sales, iOS 5 and iPhone De Cinco(?) is on the horizon(not verizon) They MISSED THE HOLIDAY SALES!!!! So no if anything expect an announcement. But I think a January/February event will be iPad 2 and iWork ’11 and it’s integration between Lion and iOS. someone iCal me.

    So keep sitting on your hands waiting for a Verizon iPhone, I just keep wondering what will happen to all the people who setting this rumor in stone with the timeline.

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