Dropping Adobe’s piggish Flash boosts Apple’s MacBook Air battery life by 2 hours

Apple Store“Apple has stopped bundling Adobe Flash on new Macs, ostensibly so users could obtain the latest, secure version themselves, but vastly increased battery life seems to be another leading reason,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“According to testing performed by Chris Foresman of Ars Technica, the new MacBook Air can last for a full six hours after loading a series of webpages in Safari, but its battery performance drops down to four hours once Adobe Flash is installed and the same sites are loaded,” Dilger reports.

Dilger reports, “With Flash ads consuming as much as 33 percent of the MacBook Air’s battery potential, it’s no wonder why Apple has demonstrated no interest in getting a version of Flash installed on its iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, all of which have much smaller batteries.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Indictment.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dan K.” and “Lynn W.” for the heads up.]


  1. I wonder how long the MacBook Air battery would last rendering webpages of just text and pictures, no Java or Javascript or ads what so ever?

    Firefox + NoScript + BetterPrivacy + Ghostery + TrackMeNot + Ad Block Plus

    Throw in FireSheep as a bonus…and scare all your friends silly…muhallala!!!

  2. I got rid of my click2flash plugin. I got rid of my flash plugin too. I’m trying Gruber’s idea of just getting rid of flash, and seeing how it goes. While I liked click2flash, I agree it seems to defeat the purpose if browser measuring stats still register that I’m using flash, even though I’m not.

    I hadn’t installed Chrome before, and I’m not sure if I’ll keep it, but according to Gruber, it doesn’t use a flash plugin architecture, so if you have it, it’ll play flash, without requiring a plugin download. So, if there’s anything I have to see in flash, I have a failsafe, though going from Adobe to Google is only slightly better.

  3. Just read the John Gruber article and installed the YouTube5 extension he mentions. Awesome! Plays embedded YouTube videos with HTML5 instead of Flash, in a player that raises the awesome level to 11!


  4. I guess Steve Jobs is wrong about Flash… (I can’t wait until the undoing of the Nacbooks & ipads will be the exclusion of flash and price of course)

    Skyfire iPhone App Sells Out Thanks to ‘Unbelievable Enthusiasm’

    A new app that lets users of the Apple (AAPL) iPhone, iPad and iPod touch view Flash videos is so popular that it has sold out.
    The Skyfire 2.0 app acts as an Internet browser that plays Flash videos on Apple devices, e-Week reported.

    Skyfire said on its blog that the app met with “unbelievable enthusiasm.” The company is now “effectively sold out and will temporarily not accept new purchases through the App store.”
    Within five hours of putting the $2.99 app up for sale, it be came the top-grossing app, the third-highest paid overall and the top app in the Utilities category.

    “Despite our best attempts and predictions, the demand far exceeds our initial projections,” Skyfire said on the blog. “We are working really hard to increase capacity and will be accepting new purchases from the App Store as soon as we can support it.”

    See full article from DailyFinance: http://srph.it/9WFxtp

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