Deutsche Telekom CEO: Lack of iPhone hurting T-Mobile USA

InvisibleSHIELD.  Scratch Proof your iPhone 4!“Deutsche Telekom’s CEO Rene Obermann directly blamed the absence of the iPhone for the poor performance of T-Mobile USA,” Electronista reports.

“The carrier gained just 137,000 new subscribers in the summer, pushed mostly by prepaid users and not smartphones, leading Obermann to suggest that the absence of Apple was a factor,” Electronista reports. “Network quality was important but didn’t matter if the right devices weren’t present, he said. ‘Consumers like T-Mobile but they also want to have the iPhone,’ Obermann said during a call discussing the carrier’s international results.”

Electronista reports, “Although most rumors have pointed to a Verizon iPhone arriving early in 2011, T-Mobile has been occasionally identified as getting a model of its own as well.”

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  1. Every time I need to stop in at a T-Mobile store (I’m very happy with them, but both my girlfriend and I needed new phones in the last year) I tell them I want them to sell the iPhone and that would be the only way I would buy one. I WILL NOT SWITCH TO AT&T. Hope it finally happens early next year…

  2. I have T-mobile prepaid phone. I have been in rural Maine and not lost calls I was roaming on US Cell and Unitel? towers. Cost the same as on T-mobile. Coverage does get spotty right at my parents house but most of the time I do have a signal. It is not as bad as everyone says.

  3. Not going to be separate ATT, Verizon, T-Moble and Sprint models. One iPhone, older models will only work on TDMA networks, iPhone5 and forward will work on both TDMA and CDMA networks.

  4. I’m one of those that left T-Mobile because of the iPhone. Hated to leave… I was very happy with them, especially their customer service (real people on the other end.. without pressing 50 buttons!). Top that off with the fact that I had had previous bad experiences with AT&T. But the iPhone is a killer product, and I went with it it and have not looked back. But I will definitely consider T-Mobile if they get the iPhone.

  5. T-Mobile is OK in the Houston area. I have been with them for at least five or six years and the service is decent. Coverage can be spotty in some locations, but I was able to send/receive calls on the dry lakebed at Edwards Air Force Base, so it isn’t all bad. Very rarely the phone displays an “emergency only” notice, and I have only had a few dropped calls.

    Nothing to get excited about. Nothing to prevent me from switching to a new carrier.

  6. I hated to leave T-Mobile too, and only did so when I pulled the trigger on getting the iPhone. Regardless, T-Mobile’s signal coverage outside of big urban areas is only fair at best and often it’s poor or non-existent. I live in the suburbs and I experienced much better signal coverage once I switched to AT&T, and considering how AT&T sucks overall, that just shows how much I was suffering just to stay with T-Mobile in this area. Even if T-Mobile gets the iPhone, I’d probably wait awhile to find out other folks’ experience with it out here before I’d switch back. I just don’t think their network can handle the iPhone outside of the big urban areas.

  7. A disclaimer needs to be placed on any comments concerning any of the cell companies: cell suckage is a local issue and doesn’t mean squat to anyone who is not sitting on your shoulder attempting to use the same phone on the same system as you are.

    There you go! VZ years ago and ATnT years ago didn’t work for me in my particular area of the universe. Having said that, T-Mobile works for me, my wife and my two young adult children in my “area.”

  8. iPhone coming to T-Mobile is my ultimate wish.

    The day iPhone comes to T-Mobile is the day I upgrade to 1. I’m still using a Motorola W490 flip phone and I so want an iPhone so I don’t need to sometimes bring my iPod touch.

    I just love the service I’ve had with T-Mobile and I would hate to leave. I’ve been temped to switch to AT&T for the iPhone so many times but AT&T is just a huge turnoff.

    I dont know about 3G or better networks but All I care is that I can check my email, weather, news, and FaceBook. Non which really require much high speed.

    I know T-Mobile would have a better iPhone Plan offering than Verizon & AT&T.

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