Apple’s forthcoming iOS 4.2 is good news for enterprise iPads

Apple Online Store“Apple has released the final code to developers for its iOS 4.2 update, according to several technology websites. The update, scheduled for public release later this month, is especially big news for the iPad, which will gain a range of features already available to iPhone and iPod touch users running iOS 4,” John Cox reports for Network World.

“Those changes, including some specifically to strengthen device security and manageability through third-party applications, may pave the way for still-faster enterprise adoption of the iPad,” Cox reports. “For enterprise users, iPad will gain some important features to secure and manage the iPad.”

Cox reports, “Apple is actively promoting iPad with iOS 4.2 for the enterprise market.”

Full article, with the new features iOS 4.2 will soon deliver to iPad users, here.


  1. They have a lot to coordinate to get 4.2 out – 10.6.5, iTunes 10.1, and a likely Apple TV update at the same time or soon afterwards. But, I still think we’ll see 4.2 this Friday.

  2. I’ve heard on a few podcasts that the new touch bar takes a bit to get used to and I still think swapping the screen lock switch for a mute switch is a bad idea.

    Still, really looking forward to the multitasking and folders.month

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