Join the dots on six future Apple technologies

Apple Online Store“There’s been lots of news lately detailing various Apple technology purchases, patent filings and other little leaks which help us weave a tapestry of partial understanding of what Apple’s future might look like,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

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These six choices show us that science fiction isn’t science fiction any more — science fiction is here:
• Never forget a face
• TV Times
• Thinner, lighter, stronger
• ARM’s race
• Security guard
• Siri is business

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  1. Connecting the dots is a fun pastime, but actually getting any of it right is another matter.

    One thing’s for DAMN SURE, once Apple does whatever it is they’re going to do, the rest of the industry will be tearing each other to pieces lining up to be first to copy Apple’s lead.

    Some things never change.

  2. Joining the dots draws bone big straight arrow upwards and to the moon!

    Apple has opened the gap and will soon split out and open new roads and branches in many directions.

    The future is golden the future is now- it’s Apples time and it’s real.

  3. One thing is crystal clear—Jobs never stopped working his ass off, attracting the best, inspiring the young, relentlessly pursuing the future—while bloated conventional establishments were milking their aging cash cows dry, siphoning off profits for themselves, and selling the future of the U.S. down the river

  4. These are very tinny dots. There are many more bigger dots that this guy can’t see. He doesn’t even understand why Apple spent a year and a half (or more) building a BILLION DOLLAR SERVER FARM that is now being tied into everything Apple. That was 400 to 500 percent greater server capacity. THAT IS ONE VERY BIG DOT!

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