BMW debuts iPad docks for back seats, iPhone 4 integration

“Good news, Apple fans. BMW has turned up the level of smart phone integration in its vehicles in a big way. The company will be showing off its new ConnectedDrive system at the 2010 Paris Motor Show,” Zach Bowman reports for Autoblog.

“The German manufacturer is also introducing something it calls iPod Out that’s designed to make the most of using Apple music players in the vehicle,” Bowman reports.

“There’s even a handy docking system for the iPad in the back seats,” Bowman reports. “What’s more, BMW will offer a mobile hotspot system with ConnectedDrive so that passengers can surf the web without burning up their data plans.”

Full article here.


  1. That’s all fine and dandy, but try configuring a car on their website using Safari on your mac (get some error telling me I should use Firefox). Or try it on your iPad where you’re informed that you need to install java?!

    And really, I guess I should replace the word ‘your’ with ‘my’ as I haven’t really tested on any other equipment.

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